Can Dogs Eat Peaches : Yes They Can But…

Can dogs eat peaches . As human beings, most of us love eating the yummy peaches. But then, you may be eating a peach, and your dog looks at you with that “I want some” face. Well, if you’re wondering whether to share your peach with a dog, then the good news is dogs eat peaches. However, before giving your dog a treat, there are some cautions you need to observe. 


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The last month of August was National Peach month and peaches are very nutritious to your dog but you should serve it in the right amounts. Also, ensure you serve a moderate amount to your dog as too much of the fruit can cause digestive issues to your dog.

Dogs enjoy peaches, but you should remove the pit before serving it to them. Also, it’s wise to talk to your veterinarian before giving your dog treats of peaches.

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Peach trees are not bad for dogs, however you have to watch the sugar content as to not have an upset stomach for your dog. Peaches are a great sourced of high fiber however not to much because you have the digestive tract of the dog that needs protecting.

Beware of any choking hazards that come with eating peaches also any trace amounts found in the immune system. These are human foods at the end of the day.

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For starters, you should know that dogs are carnivorous as opposed to us. We are omnivorous, and food that works for us may not work for the dogs. Peaches are the best vitamin A source, and with a few treats, your dog will enjoy better health. However, peaches are not part of dogs’ food, and so may cause some stomach upsets and other problems.

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Is it safe for dogs to eat peaches?

Yes, peaches are safe for dogs and are a good source of nutrients. Peaches have nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and fiber. With small treats, your dog’s health’ will improve.

First, make sure you wash the peach to remove any pesticides or dirt on top of the fruit. Doing so also helps to remove the microorganisms that may cause illnesses to your do. Cut out small sizes, preferably 1-2 slices for your dog.

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After cutting the peaches, feed a slice to your dog and check its reaction. If your dog loves the treat, add gradually until it finishes the slices. If your dog dislikes the fruit in the first state, you should try feeding along with other food. Gradually, add the number of slices you serve in each meal until your dog starts to enjoy the fruit treats.

Also, it is best not to feed your dog with canned peaches. The canned peaches are high in sugar and can cause stomach upsets to your dog. It may also cause stomach blockages, which will make it hard for your dog to digest food normally.

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The other rule to the feeding your dog is removing the pits. Ensure you throw away the pit as far away as possible. Besides containing a toxic compound, cyanide, the pit may also choke your dog, which can be risky for its life.

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Reasons to avoid feeding your dog with peaches pits?

The first rule when feeding the peach to your dog is to remove the pit. The peach contains three essential parts: the outer skin, the tasty inner part, and the seed/pit. The dog can feed on the skin and the outer part as they are safe for its digestive system. However, for the bits, things are a little different as it is not favorable to the dog’s digestive system.

More so, it gets riskier if the dog swallows the pit. If the pit manages to pass through the dog’s throat, then it will cause digestive issues. On the other hand, it may remain in the dog’s throat, causing choking. Choking is very dangerous and can kill your dog.

When feeding your dog, therefore, monitor it and check for signs of choking. For example, your dog may try to paw its throat or shows signs of discomfort. If your dog accidentally chokes on a peach, try home remedies to dislodge the stuck pit. Also, remember to call your veterinarian immediately.

Final recap on feeding your dog with peaches

The summer is the peak season for the peaches. At this time, you’ll quickly find a myriad of peaches on the market for your family and dog. The treats are delicious and nutritious to your dog.

Though not part of the typical dog diet, peaches act as a supplement. They are the best source of vitamins and other minerals that are vital for the dog’s digestion.

If you want to feed your dog with peaches this summer, proceed but with caution. Also, avoid canned peaches as they contain preservatives and sweeteners, which may impair your dog’s digestive system. Never forget to wash the fruits before feeding your dog as they may contain pesticides.

The pits must always be out of the equation. They contain amygdalin, a toxic compound. Though your dog will have to take several peaches to get affected by the compound, it’s bad to take chances with your pet. Besides, the pit can dislodge itself in your dog’s digestive system, causing issues such as abdominal pains and diarrhea.

Lastly, note that other parts of the peach plant, such as stems and leaves, contain the toxic compounds. So if you’re a peach farmer, ensure your dogs are far away as possible from the peach plants.