Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Seeds ? Is This A Good Snack For Them ?

Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Seeds ? Is This A Good Snack For Them ? At Night

Pomegranate could be your favorite fruit. Imagine that on one fine morning, you are enjoying your favorite fruit. Your canine friend wants to share your pomegranate, what are you going to do! There can be tons of questions on your mind. You know that pomegranate fruit is good for you, but what about your little bundle of joy.

Can dogs eat pomegranate seeds? The pomegranate seeds are not toxic, but it has tannis in it and your dog might start throwing up after the consumption of pomegranate seeds.

It’s better to avoid giving the seeds to your pet. You can focus on the fruit part that’s healthy and safe. It’s good to knowgood to know what nutritional value a fruit can give to your pet. Plus, you should know if a certain part is not suitable for consumption then what fruit part you should consider in giving to your little bundle of joy.

can dogs eat pomegranate seeds

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Pomegranates And Your Pet

When it comes to the fruit itself, pomegranate has nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and also unique fatty acids. You might like to consume pomegranate because of the nutritional value. In fact, it’s good to know what benefit you get from the consumption of a certain fruit.

Now when it comes to your pet, you should know that what’s suitable for the consumption of humans might not be so for the pets. You would be looking for snack ideas for your dog. It’s best to check what your dog prefers.

It’s better to avoid fruit items that you are not sure about. You can add pomegranate as treat to the diet of your pet. However, the consumption of seeds can lead to vomiting so you have to keep an eye. It’s better to avoid anything you are not sure about. You can ask your vet to guide you better in this matter.

What If Your Pet Accidently Consumes Pomegranate Seeds

Let’s say you were busy and didn’t get a chance to note your dogs. It’s possible that your pet might accidentally consume pomegranate seeds. If the seeds are consumed in a tiny amount, it might not be an issue, but you still have to be sure that your dog is fine.

However, if the dog consumes the seeds in a large quantity, it might start throwing up. There are also chances of diarrhea. It’s best to take your pet to the vet or discuss the situation with your vet.

When you are offering the fruit for the first time to your pet, it’s best to offer it in small quantities and wait for a possible reaction. It also depends on whether your pet is interested in the consumption of the seeds or not. It’s best if you can avoid the seeds, but youbut you are not always sure what your pet is going to do next.

Pomegranate Fruit for Your Pet

If you want your pet to get some nutrition, you can give the flesh part of the pomegranate fruit. You can see if your dog is taking an interest in consuming this particular part of the pomegranate fruit. Understanding what parts are edible and what not is better especially if you are introducing it for the first time in the diet.

Consider the following:

Pomegranate is rich in fiber and it’s good for digestion. So you can consider giving this fruit as a treat when you are looking to add fiver to the diet.

Your pet can get vitamins like Vitamin C so you can include it in the diet only as a treat. It’s important for you to know that you can’t start relying on a fruit knowing that it’s healthy. You have to provide the kind of diet that’s perfect for your dog.

Your pet can get the antioxidants through the pomegranate fruit. It’s important to know what nutrients are necessary for the well-being of your pet. Your vet can guide you better.

Try avoiding the skin and the peel. It’s better to avoid the seeds also, but keep an eye if the dog consumes the seeds in large quantities.

You should know what part of a certain fruit is suitable for your pet and what not. In fact, it’s your responsibility as a pet owner to know the do’s and don’t when it comes to the selection of food.

Tips to Keep In Mind When Offering Pomegranate to Your Pet

Let’s say if your dog likes the pomegranate fruit, it’s best to know what’s suitable for your pet and what not.

You can give the seeds, but your pet might end up vomiting. It’s best to ask your vet if your dog is constipated and you want to try giving the pomegranate seeds. It’s better to avoid the seeds.

Make sure you are not giving the peel of the pomegranate fruit to your dog. It can cause choking and your dog might want to get the fruit instead of the peel.

The flesh part of the pomegranate fruit would be suitable for your pet but in moderation. You want to give this fruit as a treat because of the nutritional value it provides.

If you are giving a healthy lifestyle to your pet, you would think about the fruits that are beneficial for the dog. Despite the fact that a certain fruit is beneficial, you should consider giving it in moderation. Knowing the right quantity of fruit that’s safe for consumption is also important.

Wrapping It Up

Pomegranate seeds can upset the stomach of your dog, but it’s not toxic. Your pet can consume it in small quantity, but it’s best to avoid and you can ask your vet if you can consider giving the seeds when your dog is constipated. It’s better to give the flesh part as a treat, but in moderation and occasionally.

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