Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate : Keep Reading To Find Out

Can dogs eat pomegranate . Pomegranate has become a must-have food item for many health fanatics.

We may not always have the time or desire to prepare the fruit, but many of us enjoy pomegranate teas and other treats.

The growing popularity of pomegranate leads to some important questions for dog owners.

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Are pomegranates good for dogs? Is it safe to give some of this apparently healthy fruit to our pets?

In this guide, we will cover some of the most important questions that pet owners raise in relation to dogs and pomegranates.

We will consider both sides of the argument on the question is pomegranate good for dogs.

There are those that are happy to give the right type of pomegranate extract to their animals. Then there are those that warn against the fruit completely due to the folic acid.

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can dogs eat pomegranate

can dogs eat pomegranate

Are Dogs Allergic To Pomegranate : Why Would We Want To Give Pomegranate To Dogs?

Before we look at the potential dangers of the consumption of pomegranate, let’s consider this question.

There are lots of dog owners that want to give pomegranate to their pets because of the potential health benefits.

Many of us add pomegranate to our own diets because it is something of a superfood. The fruit contains anthocyanins, ellagic acids and tannins that can help to boost antioxidant counts.

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are dogs allergic to pomegranate


So, Are Pomegranates Bad For Your Dog?

Unfortunately, there is a simple yes or no answer here. There are some vets and dogs owners that will say yes, pomegranates are bad for dogs.

This typically ends with them recommending that you don’t let your pet’s anywhere near them.

Then there are those that celebrate the health benefits of the fruit and can’t see any problem giving them to dogs.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. You can give pomegranate to dogs, but only in specific ways and careful doses.

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Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Seeds And Pure Pomegranate?

The main problem here is the issue of pure pomegranate. Different dog owners mean different things when they talk about pomegranate in a dog’s diet. Some refer to pomegranate juice or extract, which we will discuss later.

Then there are those that refer to the whole fruit. The latter is also known as “pure” pomegranate because the flesh and seeds are eaten in their pure, original form.

Pure pomegranate is bad for dogs and you should not offer it to them at any time.

Feeding your dog pomegranate could impact the digestive system for your furry friend.

When you extract the juice and feed pomegranate in high levels you must have your dog drink plenty of water.

Sometimes stomach aches and health problems can occur and be toxic to dogs if it is not presented in the right manner to your dog.

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In summary, are pomegranates good for you if you’re a dog?

Clearly, it depends on the form of the pomegranate. It is too easy to say an outright no here and tell you to steer clear of pomegranates altogether. Some vets will do this to stay on the safe side. However, the problems mostly arise from pure fruit and seeds. Pomegranate extract and carefully formulated treats shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. This can be a great compromise if your dog loves the taste, especially those refreshing popsicles.