Can Dogs Eat Saltine Crackers When They Are Hungry ?

Can dogs eat saltine crackers ? When you are enjoying your saltine crackers, your dog might start following the crackers from your hand to tour the mouth with sad eyes.

This might raise curiosity about whether to feed it to them or not as you want to give your dog the best food that does not harm them. So can dogs eat saltine crackers, cracker have high amounts of sodium and other additives that are not good for the health of the dog. You should not worry if you have fed your dog little saltine crackers as a dog can consume them in little amounts.

Why Your Dog Does Not Need Saltine Crackers

Saltine crackers are great for humans as they are nutritious when taken with soup, stew, and scrambled into salads. The fact that this treat is tasty for you does not mean that it is beneficial for your dog. Saltine crackers due to their high amounts of sodium and salt are not good for your dog as it affects them. When they take crackers in large portions, they might start vomit, develop a fever and other digestion issues.

Issues Related With Sodium Intake in Dogs

Saltine crackers have a high amount of sodium, which exceeds the maximum intake amount for dogs. The sodium is excellent for humans but not dogs, and that is why it is wise for dogs to stick with dog food, which has little sodium.

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A dog that has consumed too much sodium found in saltine crackers will become dehydrated due to excess salt in their systems. They may also need to urinate frequently, have an increased heartbeat rate, pant, and faint, get confused, and have difficulty breathing. Sodium poisoning in dogs may be lethal and lead to death.

can dogs eat saltine crackers

Remedies to Excessive Sodium Intake in Dogs

When you see your dog dehydrated, provide them with clean water that can help get rid of the excess sodium in their bodies. If the dog shows severe signs such as fainting and loss of breathe, ensure that you take them to the vet, treat the situation as an emergency.

Take all your dog’s medical records to the veterinarian as this information might be useful in their treatment. If you know the number of saltine crackers your dog has consumed telling your vet, this information is vital in their treatment.

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Problems with Excess Salt Found In Saltine Crackers

Although salt is one of the essential ingredients that add flavor to our food, it is not good for a dog as it can be harmful to their system. When a dog takes too much salt in their diet, the salt in the digestive system will start absorbing water from the body of the dog, causing hypernatremia. Your dog will, therefore, lose moisture from the muscles, wither and look stiff, vital organs might lose water leading to other difficulties. Lose of water from your dog’s brain may lead to a comma, and in worse may kill your dog.

Some other signs of salt poisoning include watery diarrhea, weakness, loss of energy, and failure to participate in normal activities. Your dog may lose appetite and develop nausea, vomit, have a swollen tongue and muscle spasms.

Treating Salt Poisoning

Your veterinarian will diagnose your dog by checking the reflexes, cardiac diagnosis, and temperature and may have to conduct a CT scan to examine the extent of organ damage. The basic treatment for excessive salt intake is administering IV fluid therapy, which increases the amount of water in the blood to cater for the lost water. Administering electrolytes treatment reduces the amount of sodium found in the blood.

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Depending on the level of poisoning a dog can heal in three days, if the dog had severe symptoms such as brain swelling, the inflammation will be reduced by administering corticosteroids such as dexamethasone. Your dog might need to stay at the vet for at least a day for further observation. Once the dog is feeling well, you can take them home and come back for other follow-ups for effective monitoring.


Saltine crackers are a great meal for you and not your dog; dogs have low sodium and salt tolerance. A dog can easily get poisoned and develop other complications such as vomiting and digestive problems if you feed them saltine crackers. If your dog takes little pieces of saltine crackers, you should not worry, but you should be careful not to have them take too much of it.

When dogs eat saltines with pet food it can produce salt poisoning. Peanut butter, garlic and onions along with saltine crackers in a small amount can raise your dog saltine levels ten times which can be very toxic to dogs even as dog treats in a high amount in dog food would be very bad.