Can Dogs Have Basil : Is This The Best Herb For Them ?

You might be aware of the health benefits of basil and would love to add it to your diet so that you can take advantage of the nutrients. But how about your dog? You might think about your pet!

Have you ever wondered if basil is safe for dogs! You would think can dogs have basil! If that’s the case then you are in the right place.

It’s possible that you would love this herb for the health benefits. It’s important that you know whether it would be suitable for your pet or not. Understanding what’s suitable for consumption is important. After all, it’s about the health of your pet.

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Is Basil Safe For Dogs 4 Reasons Why It Is Good For Them

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Can You Give Basil to Your Dogs?

The short answer is YES! But keep in mind that you have to give it in small quantities. Because of the health benefits, it would be suitable for your pet. Plus, if your dog is suffering from arthritis pain then you can try giving this herb. There are many other health benefits of this amazing thing.

So next time when your little bundle of joy is looking at you while you are cooking food and adding this culinary herb then you can add it to your dog food too! Let the pet know how good it is.

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How to Give Basil to Your Dogs?

You might be wondering how to give this magical herb to your little bundle of joy! Well, there are different ways to serve such as:

It’s possible to garnish the dog food with it.

You can even add it as an ingredient to the dog pesto, but avoid adding garlic to it as it would be toxic.

You can also give it to your furry friend in dried or fresh form.

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It’s important that you know that your pet is not allergic to this herb. It’s always better to be on the safe side.

What Are The Health Benefits of Basil for Your Dog?

Now that you know that basil is safe for your dog in small amounts, you would be thinking about the health benefits for your pet.

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Consider the following:

It can help in preventing cancer. Thus, you would like to add it to the diet of your pet in moderation.

It can also help in calming your pet. Let’s say you are going on a long road trip then maybe try giving it to your dog in small quantities and see if it helps.

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Because of the anti-inflammatory properties, it would be suitable for consumption for your pet especially when it comes to arthritis. It’s important that you are taking care of the diet of your pet so that you can keep the possible age-related issues at bay.

It can also help with bowel diseases.

You can also use it for repelling insects. So, it’s a good idea to use this amazing herb!

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After introducing it to the diet of your pet, check for the possible reactions. If your pet shows signs of allergy then it’s best to consult with your vet. Plus, you should be aware of the health condition of your pet.

Try different ways of introducing the herbal leaves. You can see what’s preferred by your pet. For example, adding it for garnishing to the dog food to make the most of it.

When you are introducing a certain food whether it’s a herb or anything else to the diet of your pet it’s important that you are careful with the quantity. It’s important for you to know and understand that the digestive system of your pet is different from yours. What’s suitable for you might not be suitable for your pet! What works for you might not work for your pet so a gradual introduction is important.

Consult Your Vet

Last but not least you should always consult your vet in case of any issue or underlying health concerns. The health of your pet is important. You should know what’s better for your pet and what not. Take your dog to vet for the regular checkups so that you are keeping the health of your dog in check. Rather than relying on the information available online, it’s important to follow the advice and recommendation of your vet for the health of your pet.

Keep In Mind When Giving Basil to Your Dog

It’s possible that you would be tempted to introduce this minty herb to the diet of your pet. If you want to add basil to the dog food and when you are planning to introduce it for the first time, keep the following points in mind:

Make sure you are gradually introducing the herb to the diet of your pet. Also, start giving it in small quantities.

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Wrapping It Up

Basil has many health benefits and thus, it would be suitable for your pet. It’s important that you are giving it in small amounts as you should know your dog is not allergic to it. You can serve it with the dog food as you can garnish the food with basil. In case of any confusion, it’s best to consult with your vet. Your vet is your best source of information so if your dog has an underlying health condition and you are concerned, ask your vet for information.