Can Dogs Have Peanuts : 5 Points To Be Aware Of

Can dogs have peanuts ? Many people are aware that dogs love peanuts butter. Most of us assure that peanuts are safe for dogs since the peanut butter is made from the nuts, but this might not be correct to read this article to get insights on the peanuts.

Peanut falls in legumes, also referred to as the groundnut. It’s a crop grown, and the seeds are the final product. The seeds are of high value to humanity and animals. People love it for its simplicity in planting and harvesting, and not much workforce is required.

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The crop takes four months to mature under typical weather. After harvest, the seeds made in the factories for processing and final product used. Peanuts have served both people and animals, and you may wonder if they are safe for your dog.

The peanuts contain vitamin B6 and E, the higher rate of protein, fats needed by the dogs, good for mental stimulation, and provide higher niacin content. Here are the reasons why you consider giving your dog peanuts.

1. High in vitamins B6 & E

The peanuts have higher vitamins B6 and E needed by the dogs. Peanuts have vitamin B6, 0.13mg. Vitamin B6 is essential for the dog during hair coat loss when the dog starts gaining excess weight. The vitamin also is significant when the dog is panting more times than usual and when the dog is thirsty as often. Vitamin E helps in dry or itchy skin, and when the dog has skin and ear allergies.

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2. Higher in protein

Peanuts have a twenty-eight percentage of protein. This crop has a great source of plant-based protein. This nutrient plays a significant role in the body of a dog. It helps in building the body and repairing the muscles and other body tissues. Dogs need strong bones and needed during food consumption and the provision of energy required for hunting, which protein from peanuts provides.

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3. Healthy fats

The fats percentage in peanuts ranges between 44-56%. These reflect a high interest compared to other contents in peanuts. Some of the fats are used to make peanut oil, which used in cooking and smearing on the body. Fats help the dog’s body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Fats also keep the hair and coat of the dog shiny. The fat also increases the reproduction of the dogs.

Peanut butter has fat content, it is high in fat and you want to make sure your dog does not have an allergic reaction. Dog owners with small dogs can eat it roasted or raw it could be a good dog treat.

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Peanuts and peanut butters can cause an upset stomach if eaten in large quantities. Human foods eat dry roasted and salted peanuts. Pet owners can give them peanuts in small amount and does not have an artificial sweetener. Also it may lower blood sugar but beware of the possible choking hazard. Dog food is the most ideal food for dogs. 

4. Good for mental stimulation

Every dog needs mental stimulation to keep active. Through peanuts, the dog will be able to stimulate the mental and therefore behaving in the right manner you need. The dog will be able to work for their food through hunting. The dog will learn new tricks on attacking the enemy and getting food. Through eating the product, the dog will sniff and explore on walks. The dog can be able to detect something through sniffing because the mental stimulation has done. The mental stimulation of the dog helps in killing the boredom in a dog welcoming happiness in the pet. These reduce the stress in the pet. Stress can result in the death of the dog or the pet developing fiery nature.

5. High in Niacin

Peanuts contain 4.3mg of niacin. This vitamin is needed by pets to break fatty acids in the dog’s body. Proper digestion of the fats in the shape of a dog required for the first development of the body. These also result in healthy skin and a gentle glow of the skin. It’s also referred to as vitamin B3, which is much essential in helping the dog to process fats and carbohydrates into sources of energy.

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How many peanuts can you feed your dog?

Most vets advise that when it is time to feed your dog on peanuts, it is always vital to moderate the number of peanuts we feed the pet. Always limit the peanuts you feed to a few nuts and don’t feed your dog on peanuts daily; this may affect their health. It is not a wise decision to feed your dog with honey roasted peanuts or any other flavored nuts; make sure before you feed the nuts, you have crushed the nutshells as they may shock your dog if not removed, especially for a puppy.


In conclusion, peanuts are of importance to your dogs. Including peanuts in their diet will improve the health of the dog through the provision of nutrients needed by the pet.

The pet will be able to have enough vitamin B6 and E that will help the dog during excessive weight gain and to reduce panting when the dog pants more. Vitamin E will also help to minimize hair loss and result in a good hair coat to your dog.

The peanuts will provide higher protein in your dog, which used for building and repairing the body tissues. On higher fats in the peanuts, the fat helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. It keeps the hair and coat of the dog shiny.

Mental stimulation helps the dog to work for their food through hunting. Niacin helps in fatty acids breakdown. Proper digestion of fats needed for the first development of the body. Through the above facts tabled, then you have no reason to avoid feeding your dog with peanuts.