Can Dogs Have Pepperoni When Your Eating Pizza ?

Can dogs have pepperoni ? You may find your dog staring at you as you eat your pizza and get tempted to give them some pepperoni pizza topping. 

I have had my dog take a little snack, which made them vomit, and I panicked. I researched the topic and found out from veterinary experts that if your dog takes small bites a few times, it has little effect on their health.

However, too much intake of pepperoni might cause salt poisoning, kidney damage, pancreatitis, vomiting, and other digestive problems.

Why Pepperoni Is Not Recommended For Dogs

Although pepperoni is derived from meat, it does not mean that it is suitable for your dog, you could think that since dogs are meat-eaters pepperoni could be good for them.

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This might not be the case pepperoni is very processed meat and has been modified to enhance taste using additives that might not be good for your dog. Some additives include sodium, sulfite, and salt that may be okay for human consumption may hurt the dog.

• The Problem of Excessive Sodium for Your Dog

A dog may need some sodium for development, but the amount required is rather low compared to that of humans. Too much sodium causes problems for your dog; for instance, the first sign of too much sodium in dogs is thirst and frequent urination.

A dog can ingest a hefty dose of sodium if they overeat pepperoni and develop kidney and liver problems as their bodies struggle to get rid of the toxins. A dog should only consume a maximum of 100 milligrams of sodium in a day, a single slice of pepperoni could contain double this amount of sodium.

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When a dog eat salty food in small amounts it may have minimal impact on feeding your dog, however in a large amount a dog treat from a pet parent may be to much on a dog stomach. While in small amounts it is good for dogs however you may want to avoid feeding altogether is a good idea.

• High Fat in Pepperoni

High-fat content in a dog’s food can make your dog gain weight, which leads to other health issues. High body weight for a dog can lead to complications such as obesity and diabetes. Avoid pepperoni and make sure that you feed your dog food with little fat.

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Other issues associated with high fats in pepperoni for dogs include pancreatic, which is the inflammation of the pancreases. This condition might predispose your dog to severe pain and reduce their quality of life.

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Preservatives on the Health of Your Dog

Pepperoni contains large amounts of sulfite, which might be dangerous for your dog. The ingredient can cause thiamine, which can be lethal as it can kill a dog. Ensure that you provide your dog with proper treats that are free from these preservatives.

• The Size of the Dog

Small dogs are very likely to be affected by even the slightest amounts of pepperoni than larger dogs. The quantity of sodium and unnatural ingredients in a slice of pepperoni will exceed the tolerance of a small dog. After a small bite of pepperoni, a small dog might start vomiting, having stomach upsets and diarrhea. Too much pepperoni can significantly harm a dog, especially if they are smaller.

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What If Your Dog Has Already Eaten Them ?

If your dog has scraped a few pieces of pepperoni from your left-over pizza, there is no need to panic, but you should note that they have probably taken too much sodium than recommended. Your dog might be thirsty, and you should provide drinking water.

Keep them out of the reach of the dog in the future. Ensure that everyone in the house understands the dangers of pepperoni for the dog. If your dog starts vomiting, as high fever, then it is probably best if you see a veterinarian immediately.

Train Your Dog to Avoid Pepperoni Poisoning

Although pepperoni is tasty and your dog could be tempted to eat it, you can train them to avoid taking food from plates. Early training can make the dog understand that they are not allowed to take pepperoni, a well-trained dog won’t take food without the permission of the owner.


It contains harmful ingredients and fats that are not recommended for your dog, small amounts might not harm your dog, but you will not know when you exceed the rational quantity. So can dogs have it ?

The answer is no; they cannot have this snack as it exposes them to health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure pancreatitis, and in some cases, can lead to death. Small amounts of it might have little effect, but this should not make you feed your dog the food.