Can Dogs Have Popcorn : 5 Side Effects You Should Know

Can dogs have popcorn ? Popcorns is one of the favorite snacks that we all enjoy in that sunny summer or chilly winter season. Anytime we enjoy a snack, and I can bet that most of the time, one of the best man’s pet is always there salivating and that is that dog wondering if you can share the snack.

Can My Dog Eat Popcorn ?

Do most people wonder if it is a good idea to share popcorn with your dog-is there any adverse effect on his health? It becomes tough to resist those eyes of a puppy, so we are going to discuss in detail if popcorns are suitable for your dog.

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Popcorn is indeed a great snack we have from time to time, especially when we are having a night movie with friends. Your canine friend will always accompany you at this time, looking closely at what you are eating.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn ?

You will tend to wonder if it is right to let them have some too. Well, you should think about the health of the dog and if the popcorn may result in any adverse health effects after eating. Check out this guideline to know whether you can let your dog have the popcorns as well.

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can dogs have popcorn


Effects of popcorns on your dog’s health

Your dog’s diet contributes to a higher percentage of health status. You will need to be careful about what you feed your dog if you want it to be happy and active all through. Focus on energy giving foods and foods that will build and strengthen their muscles.

However, when you think of feeding them with some snacks, then you need to a bit more careful. Most of these snacks contain high amounts of fats and sugar, which may lead to certain illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases.

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Therefore you need to choose wisely on the snacks to feed your dog based in the ingredients used to prepare the snacks. If you are wondering whether your dog can have popcorn, then it is quite difficult to respond to such a concern.

Is Popcorn Ok For Dogs ?

There is no exact response in whether dogs should eat popcorns since it all depends on several factors, which include; the mode of preparation and how the popcorns are served.

Popcorn For Dogs ?

If the popcorns are air-popped, then you can let your dog enjoy it too. However, you should not add salt, butter, or any sugar amounts as you serve. It should be eaten plain without any additions. Usually, popcorns are rich in vitamin B, proteins, and iron contents, as well. These nutrients are good for proper digestion, and you can feed your dog though it will not contribute much to their health.

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Can Dogs Eat Air Popcorn : Possible side effects

The air-tapped popcorn is not harmful at all, and you can let your dog enjoy even a plate of it. However, you make some additions such as salts, butter, and sugary foods, it is likely that your dog’s health would be at risk. Such additives may result to;

•Poor digestion which may lead to diarrhea.

•Too much salt added into the popcorn may also result in dehydration

•Excess salt may also lead to kidney damage, and you may eventually lose your dog if you don’t seek immediate medication.

•High amounts of fats are not only harmful to humans but also dogs. Your dog may suffer some heart diseases, become obese, and hence being inactive to perform any activity.

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•If the popcorns stick on the dog’s teeth, they are likely to damage their teeth physically. They can also experience some choking as they eat. You may, therefore, consider serving the popcorns in small amounts and ensure that the dog does not eat in a hurry.

Popcorn is not pet food and could be bad for dogs pieces of popcorn can get stuck in the dog throat. As far as human foods it is great and could be a healthy snack, the popcorn good all the time but it has corn kernels that when dogs eat popcorn it can be toxic to dogs. People foods are not the same as dog treats, people foods are not safe for dogs long term and could promote a choking hazard.

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Safe popcorn recipes for dogs

The plain air-popped popcorns are the best option for your dog if you want them to enjoy the snack too. You can also add some healthy flavors such as cheese and peanut butter if you’re going to make it enjoy more. The cooking procedures are also crucial for healthy preparation. You may use a pan on a gas cooker, the popcorn machine, or microwave to air-pop your popcorns.

Can My Dog Have Popcorn ?

Once you are done with the preparation, you need to discard all unpopped kernels as they could choke your dog. You can add cheesy bacon for more flavor. However, the cheese should melt entirely and leave it to cool before you can serve.
Peanut butter, however, in low amounts can also be added to the air-popped popcorns for more flavor.

You always need to be careful with everything that your dog feeds if it has to remain healthy. You can let your dog enjoy the air-popped popcorns, but you need to ensure that you don’t make any sugary or high fat additions on the snack. Serving it plain is good for the dog, but you may consider adding some low-fat peanut butter or cheese for more flavor.