Can Dogs Have Poppy Seeds : 3 Reasons Why Not

First off, you should understand that P. somniferum, the plant from which the poppy seeds are obtained, is considered to be an opiate.

You can easily fail a drug taste if you eat food that contains poppy seeds. Opiates aren’t particularly nice to anyone, dogs and humans included.

The straight answer is a No. If your dog accidentally eats poppy seeds, rush him to the vet immediately.


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As his caretaker, you need to be careful to keep him away from poppy seeds or foods suspected to contain them.

ASPCA, an American animal safety organization, has convincingly argued that poppy seeds are toxic to dogs.

Studies conducted by Pet Poison Hotline seem to support this claim. It is now known that the toxicity level varies from one specie of the poppy plant to the next, although even the lowest toxicity level could still be harmful to dogs.

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Toxic relationship – the truth about opioids plants

A lot of the poppy seeds that are easily obtainable from your local grocery store are derived from a relatively common specie of the poppy plant, P. somniferum.

If a dog managed to eat part of the poppy plant with lot of seeds it could contain opioid poisoning include inside the plant.

You will need to call the pet poison helpline and also take to the vet to start iv fluids even in small amounts it could prove to be fatal. Look for the signs of opioid poisoning from the opium poppy.

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If a dog eats poppy seeds you should try to induce vomiting of the poppy flowers..

The truth is that seeds from this particular specie contain just a minuscule amount of opiates, chief of them being morphine.

The problem with morphine is that it doesn’t need to be ingested in tons to cause adverse effects in dogs, just a microgram of this opiate would make your dog show some conspicuous signs, some of them quite horrific. Ingesting the right amount of morphine, which is often minimal, causes poppy poisoning (or opioid poisoning).

This poisoning, combined with a cocktail of equally not-nice alkaloids found quite abundantly in poppies, can inflict dreadful damage to the dog’s central nervous system.

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Signs and symptoms 

Opioid poisoning can seriously threaten your dog’s life. You should be keen at all times if you suspect you have bitten any unauthorized food with poppy seeds in them.

You can do something to save your dog’s life if the signs and symptoms are discovered early enough. Look for these symptoms and rush your dog to the vet quickly if you see them:

Limb coordination problems (your dog walks like he’s drunk)

Breathing hardships

Slow heart rate which could progress to breathing difficulties

Spontaneous energy bursts or explainable hyperactivity

Long staring with pinpoint pupil


Lack of appetite

Zoning out


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Opioid poisoning can be fatal if the treatment is delayed

Your dog has accidentally ingested poppy seeds, what do you do?

The first thing to do is to prevent opioid poisoning from happening to begin with. Keep your dog away from foods with poppy seeds.

If you like to stock poppy seeds in your house for various reasons, store them in hard-to-reach places such the cupboard. Secondly, respond to the signs and symptoms promptly.

If you’re certain that your dog ate poppy seeds and the signs could be, as a result, call the pet doctor immediately. Don’t underestimate a few seeds, and they could be fatal.

Bottom line

Poppy seeds are not fit for dog consumption due to the risk of poppy poisoning. You should take all precautions to keep your dog away from the seeds.

Keep foods containing poppy seeds away from your dogs. If you suspect your dog ingested the seeds accidentally, look out for the symptoms. Don’t ignore even the faintest symptoms shown by the dog; take him to the vet immediately to be treated.