Can Dogs Have Raspberries : 3 Good Reasons They Should

Can dogs have raspberries ? Researchers have observed wolves foraging the wild for raspberries.


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While raspberries could be incredibly sweet to wolves, they could be serving as a supplement for their diet.

This gives a hint that canines too could be very OK with raspberries.

One of many reasons why raspberries would be recommended for canines is the presence of antioxidants in their flesh; dogs, especially senior dogs, need a lot of antioxidants as anti-inflammatory elements that help to alleviate joint pain.

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There are things you need to put into consideration before beefing raspberries to your dogs.

Can Dogs Have Raspberries


Yes, Raspberries are great for canines but should be fed with moderation
Canines don’t need to feed on fruits to gain nutrients because the high-quality dog food can easily provide all the required nutrients.

Yet raspberries provide abundant health benefits. Raspberries are low in sugar (meaning they provide fewer calories) but higher vitamin C and B-complex, antioxidants, and minerals.

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Dietary fibre helps your dog improve his digestive system as well as fight obesity (it is worth mentioning that raspberries keep the dog full for long).

The powerful antioxidants reduce the chances of your dog developing arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. Minerals such as copper, folic acid, magnesium, iron, potassium, and potassium are essential I enzyme activation.

Dangers of feeding raspberries to your dogs

The reason why raspberries tend to be so sweet is the presence xylitol. Natural xylitol is a natural sweetener that can be found in many vegetable and fruits.

Xylitol is entirely safe for human consumption but toxic to dogs. Canines that feed on raspberries for extended periods have been found to develop hypoglycaemia and liver diseases. If these conditions are not treated fast enough they can prove fatal.

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That doesn’t mean raspberries are 100% toxic to dogs. These fruits can actually be great to your puppies but only if fed to them in moderation.

An array of other ailments can surface when raspberries are fed to puppies for a long time and include constipation, diarrhoea, and vomiting.

The proper amount of raspberries to be fed to your Canines depends on their size. Larger breeds such as the retrievers and the labs would be fine with just six to ten raspberries.

Small and medium breeds would be fine with less than six raspberries. Do not make raspberries to be your dogs’ mail meal. Think of raspberries as an occasional treat or a light snack.

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Raspberries with pits

You need to be cautious with raspberries with pits; they are a bit dangerous to dogs. Your dog may develop an enthusiastic craving for raspberries to the point of stealing them from the counter or foraging for them in the trash bin or bush.

Although the pits can pass through the dog’s intestines easily, they pose a choking danger if they are swallowed fast.

If you love to keep a variety of cherries all over your house, be careful where to dispose and store them to keep them away from dogs.

In a nutshell, raspberries are thrown into the same group with bananas, watermelon, and apples as a class of fruits that canines can consume albeit in moderated quantities.

This means they are safe to consumption but only in small regulated quantities. This, however, does not apply to canines with raspberry allergies. Canines with raspberry allergies often show ear infections, itchy skin, and runny nose shortly after eating the berries.

Good news is, raspberry allergy is considerably rarer than other allergies in dogs. It is prudent to take the canines to the veterinarian for check-up and advice about the appropriateness of raspberries to their gastric system.

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Between puppies and adults, who are raspberries best suited for?

Pups deserve to eat raspberries more often, but within the recommended proportions, than adult dogs.

This is to provide them with enough antioxidants to boost their immune system which happen to be still in development such a tender age. What is considered to be “puppy age”, obviously, depends on the breed of your dog.

Raspberries become desirable when your puppy is undergoing training; once in a while, you’ll need to give the puppy one raspberry after a good performance to motivate him.

It is advisable to keep the raspberry rewards to minimum and instead serve the regular meal as a treat. This is especially true when you realize the party is putting up a more spirited training session that would call for significantly more treats.

Dog owners eat human food and feeding your dog raspberries in small amounts should be ok. However, you should find a better alternative than to give your pet human food, as human food is designed with human beings in mind.

As much as that may sound simple the reality is that people take for granted what we eat and how it is designed for our body. A puppy pal should eat fruit in limited quantities.

Can dogs eat raspberries? – a summary

It would be a disservice if you entirely denied raspberries to your dogs. Raspberries are a great source of antioxidants, Vitamin C and B-Complex. They’re part of a bigger group of fruits considered to be safe to not just dogs, but mammals in general.

We all know raspberries contain remarkable quantities of xylitol (which causes pancreatic problems) but does it make them entirely bad for your dog?

The answer is No – you just need to keep the consumption below the recommended amount which is usually less than six berries. In conclusion, raspberries are great for your dogs’ health in small quantities.

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