Can Horses Have Strawberries : 4 Ways To Find Out

Can horses have strawberries ? Everyone has heard of the old idea of giving horses sugar cubes or apples so that they’ll be more inclined to let you interact with them – much like any other animal that is given a treat, in fact!

But is that all a horse can eat? Like with other animals and even with some people, there are some foods that a horse simply cannot have.

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Finding out what a horse can and cannot eat is something that requires a bit of research, rather than trial and error. To simplify this, this article will be answering the question of if horses can have strawberries or not, and why.

can horses have strawberries

The short answer is yes, you can feed a horse strawberries. But of course, this comes with a few conditions – it is highly recommended that any whole fruit you feed to a horse be washed to remove any pesticides and that whole fruit be cut into pieces to avoid an overzealous horse choking because it decided not to chew.

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Also, a horse cannot live on a diet consisting of only fruits and vegetables – these can make good treats, encourage those who don’t eat like they should, or be a treat with little fat for your horse to enjoy when he’s on his best behavior or when meeting new people.

Much like they are for people, strawberries are meant to be more of a treat with some nutritional value than a full diet a horse can be on.

eat tomatoes

But even knowing all this there is one more thing to take note of when trying to feed strawberries to your horse – just like people, just like any other animal, all horses are a bit different from one another.

This doesn’t just manifest in their size and coloring, but in their food preferences as well. As the title says, just because you give your horse a strawberry doesn’t mean they will eat it.

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Each horse has different tastes and dietary needs, and it’s important to adhere to those as well as you can. Experimenting with new treats is fine as long as they are safe, but don’t expect every horse you come across to be willing to eat a strawberry from your hand.

Safe for horses and should be easy on the digestive system, strawberries can satisfy a sweet tooth for healthy horses. Feeding fruits to horses on a small scale should not cause major harm, however you want to ensure you don’t have nutrient deficiencies, horses eat strawberries may be ten strawberries would be a good amount, not too much to causes insulin resistance.

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Now it’s time to try it!