Can Puppies Eat Bread : When There Is No Meat Around

Can puppies eat bread ? Having a puppy at your home can be a huge responsibility. You have to take care of it properly and make sure it is eating right foods and growing healthier. Generally, puppies don’t crave for foods that humans love, but often you will see they enjoy having breads. Is it okay for the puppies to eat bread? Are the breads safe for them? This is one of the most frequently asked questions that puppy owners ask. There is no straight yes or no answer for this. To know more in details about the puppies having bread, the side effects and causes, read on.


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If your dog has eaten a piece of bread, by mistake, then you do not have to rush into any emergency vet clinic. In fact, bread has been often uses as a perfect remedy for many health issues for puppy. When puppies eat something with sharp edges like sticks, bones etc. then bread is often given to them to act like a pad. It helps the material to pass through the GI tract safely. So, bread may not be harmful for your dogs but it is better if you can avoid to certain extent. Some of the facts are provided below about puppies and breads.

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Breads Can Make Your Puppy Fat

Bread contains too much of carbohydrates for your puppies. You must be careful about the carbohydrate intake of your puppy otherwise it can make it fat. Even if you are feeding your puppies with a piece of bread or so once in a while, you should not feed them regularly. Being high in calories, sugar and carbohydrate, it can be proved to be dangerous for your dog’s health. Your puppy can become overweight and sluggish due to the regular intake of bread.

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There are many puppy owners who complain about the obesity problem in their puppies. Even if your dog performs regular exercises and enjoy playtime, it is not enough to burn all those calories, sugar and carbs gained from the breads consistently. Hence, dogs can get some serious health conditions and issues due to the obesity or overweight. It is always essential to keep your puppy healthy and must maintain a proper weight. So, a healthy diet is essential which are meant for the dogs.

Filler In Bread Can Be Harmful

One of the major facts that no one can deny is that most of the breads contain fillers. Many brands may claim it to be organic or gluten-free etc. but the fact is yeast and some kind of preservatives are always used in breads. You may not realize but this can be quite harmful for the overall digestive system of your puppy. These fillers can really mess up with the digestion of your puppy causing a major issue.

Thus, too much of breads can expand their stomach in an abnormal way which is quite bad. It is quite risky for your dog if it is having breads regularly. Even if you see the worse side, due to the bread yeast ferments, toxicosis or ethanol poisoning can occur in the stomach of your dog. So, do not take any kind of risk regarding this.

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Stop Your Puppy

If you have already fed your puppy with breads regularly, then more like it will turn into a bad begging habit. Of course, it is different to them and not like something they have daily. Thus, it is important to stop your puppy from having breads regularly, keeping in mind the difficulties and reverse effect it can have.

There are many breads that contains nuts and resin in it. They have more potential toxins which are very harmful and dangerous for your dogs. Thus, whenever you find your dog is nibbling on a bread, stop him immediately. If you don’t stop him then he will carve for more after finishing the one he already have.

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What Bread You Can Provide?

So, the question is what type of bread you can provide to your dog. Of course, the homemade breads without any additives and preservatives are better and healthier for the dog. The whole grain bread prepared at home are way healthier and doesn’t contain any kind of fillers. If your dog loves to have breads, then you can provide him with some homemade whole grain breads. But you have to make sure that you provide it once in a while to your puppy. It is true that this kind of bread can give ease to discomfort of stomach or any minor constipation, but make sure you do not provide them daily.

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Can Puppies Eat Bread: Facts To Consider Before Feeding Bread

Before you start feeding your puppies with bread, you have to consider some of the important factors. These are:

  • Your dog should not be allergic to wheat or whole grains. Otherwise it can have an adverse effect
  • Try to prepare bread at home with least amount of sugar in it as high sugar content can be harmful for the dog
  • Do not provide any kind of raisin or nuts in the bread as that can be quite toxic for your dog
  • It is better to cut off the bread crusts before you feed them as they do not have any nutritional value and can be a problem for digestion too

Also, make sure that you are providing breads only in small portion to your dog. It should not be a regular part of their diet. The raw dough is a big no for the puppies. As mentioned earlier, it can make your dog overweight leading to a lot of health issues and problems.

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So, it is pretty clear from all the points explained above that breads can be a harmful food for your dog if given regularly and if it is full of fillers. Bread being one of the most favorite foods for all the Americans, it is better to make the bread without any raisin, nuts and fillers at home. Use whole wheat only if your dog is tolerant to that. Make sure it is twice or maximum thrice a week. Otherwise it can be a problem to their health.