Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs ?

Can you use baby wipes on dogs ? All dog owners have found themselves in a situation where their precious pet requires a quick clean up. You cannot deny how useful it is to wipe your dog down now and then chiefly if they become dirty or muddy on a walk.

Often, the thought of having them cleaned using wipes comes to our mind.


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This is because baby wipes are easy, quick, and relatively cheap as compared to the much expensive dog wipes. But can you use baby wipes on dogs? Here is an exclusive look at whether you can use baby wipes on dogs.


The Risks Posed by Baby Wipes

The truth is, baby wipes are not safe for dogs. The fact that baby wipes are not made specifically for pet’s use by a company that concentrates on pet products is not the only reason why they are bad for canines.

Though baby wipes are gentle on skin, they have been formulated for the pH level of the skin of human beings which is a little different for dogs.

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Baby wipes are harmful to dogs, as most of them have added ingredients that are not good for your dog.

These ingredients have been proven to cause adverse effects to dogs when they come across them. Propylene glycol is one of the most dangerous ingredients to canines found in baby wipes.

This component is often used in many cosmetic products as it promotes absorption and penetration.

Though it can be dangerous in large doses, propylene glycol is generally safe for humans even in food products. However, this compound is fatal in dogs with ingestion of the smallest amounts.

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After cleaning your dog using baby wipes, toxic ingredients such as propylene glycol remain in areas such as ears, paws, and feet for a longer time.

With dogs licking themselves constantly, they are most probably to ingest some of these chemicals on the baby wipe.

With dogs being different from us, a little amount of propylene glycol may prove fatal. Stories of dog poisoning that results in death after licking the areas they were cleaned using baby wipes being common; the last thing you want is your dog to get into the statistics.


Baby wipes also contain fragrances that may be harmful to your dog. Although it feels good for your dog to smell good after a rub-down with a quick baby wipe, the fragrances may cause awful effects to dogs.

Ingesting these fragrance compounds can cause diarrhea and vomiting to dogs.

You should hence avoid baby wipes that contain any added fragrance when you go for shopping. Always purchase fragrance-free baby wipes if you want to use them on your dog.

Most baby wipes contain moisturizers as part of the ingredients. These oils and lotions are suitable for baby bums who are cleaned continuously and wiped.

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However, they are not good for the stomach of your dog. When used on dogs, the dog is likely to lick and ingests the moisturizers, which cause severe stomach upset.

These ingredients might also cause skin irritations and skin havoc to your dog. When choosing a baby wipe for your dog, its important to look out and avoid ingredients such as baby oil, essential oils, and vitamin E oil, any baby wipes brand that claims to have any added moisturizer should not be used on dogs.


Safe Substitutes to Baby Wipes

Now that you know and understand how harmful it is to use baby wipes on dogs, and the risks associated, what are some of the safe alternatives available?

You can give your dog a bath. You can use wipes to clean dog paws or paper towels, you want to use alcohol free pet wipes.

Dog wipes are wipes that are made specifically for dogs. These wipes are a hundred percent secure, and you will rest easy sure that your dog will not experience any side effects.

They are manufactured with no moisturizers, harsh chemicals, or fragrances, making them the best alternatives to the unsafe baby wipes.

You can also design your dog wipes using a standard hand towel cloth that is free from chemicals. You will just need to moisten it with water, add your favorite dog shampoo and you have your own wipe.

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To stay happy and healthy, your dog needs to be cleaned regularly. I would highly recommend using dog wipes. But in case you are in a pinch, making your dog wipe will do the trick. Avoid using baby wipes on your dog, and if you must, recall the harmful ingredients to check out for and avoid.