Cat Proof Blinds: 3 Ways To Protect Your Louvers

Cat proof blinds ? You need the best cat proof blinds if you love cats. Cats would like to have a clear view of the outside, and the blinds will prevent them.

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They will get irritated and try to get them out of the way. The cords from the window blinds can make the cats mistake them to be their toys. Most cat toys come with cords.

If the cords can keep on swinging, your cat will jump at them, which can lead to opening the blinds accidentally. It is a move that can make it hard for you to enjoy having cats in your home.

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There is a solution; you can work with the cat proof blinds, and they will play a significant role in helping you enjoy staying with the cats in your home without the nuisance. Here are few tips to make your cat proof blinds more effective:

Hide the cords

If you have cords from the window blinds, you need to hide them. It is common for cats to mistake the hanging cords to be their toys. A slight movement of the cords will make your cat jump at them, mistaking them to be toys. You will avoid the nuisance of your cat chewing on the cords if you can tie the cords and hide them away.

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cat proof blinds

Apply citrus spray

You can even make your cat proof blinds more effective if you can apply a citrus spray. If your family members are happy with the citrus spray, then you need to get it on your window blinds, and you will make the cats stay away.

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If the cats can avoid moving close to the blinds, they will not scratch on them. You will have the window blinds serving you for long, which is necessary if you have invested in a durable window blind, which you would like to have serving you for long.

Cordless window blinds

The best cat proof blinds are cordless. They do not have cords, which can entice the cats to jump on them. It is also necessary to check on the general design of the window blinds.

There are some blinds that will allow the cat to move through them without falling. A careful check on the window blinds available in the market, you will finally land on the best, which can assure your pet the best environment to relax. It is necessary to compare the several brands of window blinds in the market, after which you can decide on the best which can assure you the best experience.

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The best cat proof blinds can serve you for long till you realize value for money. You need to carry out enough research, and it will be easy to know the best which cannot expose your cat to stress. If you have a cat that tends to be curious, then you need to invest in a window blind, which comes in a unique design to work well in homes with cats.

For cat owners faux wood blinds or vertical blinds can act as cat proof blinds. From roman shades and interior designers it is a good idea to have a scratching post and window treatments. Mini blinds are a great option as for window covering if you have curious cats running around the house. Roller shades , or blinds or shades that has window blinds. The cat hair or pet hair should be kept far away from plantation shutters or horizontal blinds.