Cat Towers For Large Cats: 3 Features To Be Aware Of

Cat towers for large cats ? Cat’s natural instincts consist of scratching, climbing and sleeping above ground level. Finding a perfect cat pillar for large cats is a bit tricky.

Furthermore, the struggle has become worse due to poor quality cat pillars masquerading as reliable and sturdy cat pillars. In this article, we shall discuss some of the essential aspects you will need to consider when looking for the best cat pillars for large cats.

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What to look for when purchasing a cat pillars for large cats

cat towers for large cats


The best car pillar should provide your cat with the opportunity to stretch, relax and play. Here are the essential aspects you will need to consider when purchasing a cat pillar;

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1. Design

There are various designs of cat towers available in the market, and they differ from size to configuration and functionality. Ensure that the cat pillar design you purchase will be e great spot for lounging and bird watching. The highest place on the cat pillar offers significant elevation, which most cats love.

2. Personality

The personality of your cat will significantly impact the type and design of a cat pillar to purchase. When it comes to kittens, the best cat pillar for them will highly depend on their age, climbing ability, size as well as their activity level. Large cats often love cat pillars that are cosy and perfect for napping as well as easily accessible.

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3. Scratching

Scratching is among the instincts of cats, as previously mentioned. Therefore, when purchasing a cat pillar, you should consider the one with carpets or sisal ropes. These are some of the materials cats love scratching.

Final verdict

As we come to a conclusion we hope that the above information will help you choose the best cat pillar for your large cats. The last thing you would like to forget when purchasing a cat pillar is sturdiness. Ensure that the cat tower you are buying is sturdy and does not tip over when your cat is playing or relaxing on it.

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Scratching posts, faux fur, and durable materials along with a pet club are the many features of the cat pillar. A hanging toy with multiple cats and solid wood with a cat bed are many features for the cat pillar with trees for big cats.

A modern cat and cat furniture with a multi level cat tree with high quality materials are just what the doctor ordered. A tree for large cats and a cat condo with plush perches are what cats love.


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