Comfortis For Cats Without A Vet Prescription

Comfortis for cats without a vet prescription ? Comfortis is a chewable tablet designed to protect your cat from fleas. It is FDA-approved and animal-friendly, therefore, guarantees you of quality results.


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If you do not have a veterinarian near you, you can get the tablet over-the-counter or from authentic online stores. It does not require any vet prescription since it is approved and has a known manufacturer.

You can make an online purchase

Getting Comfortis for cats without a vet prescription has never been more comfortable with the help of official online stores. Most orders are delivered at your residential address within the same week of purchase.

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To buy the drug online, weigh your cat and match it to the five weight ranges of Comfortis; orange, blue, pink, brown and green.

When you are through, you will have selected the number of tablets that you need for your cat. The tablets come in a single dose, 12 packs and 6 packs. Place your order and wait for the delivery.

comfortis for cats without a vet prescription


Why go for Comfortis Without Prescription?

The tablet is beef-flavored and confirmed to be safe for cats that weigh 2 pounds or more and kittens 14 weeks and older. It is never harmful to buy the drug without a vet’s prescription. Some of the benefits attached to Comfortis include:

• It is considered as the best product in the pet market

• It is convenient; being easy to give your cat, you will not experience any messy applications

• It offers quick results; it kills all the fleas in your cat in 30 minutes, even before the fleas can lay eggs

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• It is effective; it provides full protection from fleas for 1 month

The only adverse reactions of the drug are vomiting, low appetite, and diarrhea. Therefore, having purchased the tablet without vet prescription, do not get worried about the occurrence of these signs.

If your dog or cat has itching issues then you want complete safety information for them, when a pet turns 14 weeks of age they can have issues with lay eggs and you will know this when your pet shows clinical signs trembling twitching.

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This is the time to get help that prevents a flea infestation you want to ensure that concomitant extra label is present also label use of ivermectin which is common adverse reaction recorded along with excessive salivation.

Comfortis some dogs can help with twitching salivation drooling seizures of age or older. Flea infestations on dogs over a full month can occur with comfortis spinosad it should be fda approved chewable beef flavored tab… for fleas on dogs. Lethargy decreased appetite weight however its safe use of comfortis should help dogs.

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