Defensive Aggression In Dogs : 6 Points You Should Know

Defensive Aggression In Dogs : What Can I Do ?

Inter dog aggression ? Inter-dog aggression is confrontation and hostile behavior directed from one dog to the other. There are a number of reasons why dogs exhibit such uncouth behavior.

Your dogs could be competing for food or mating rights, while others could be suffering emotionally and could exhibit signs of anxiety, fear, or stress. A responsible 

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Whenever you find yourself between a dog tussle, it’s a wise decision to keep away for safety reasons. It’s usual for pet owners to get serious injuries when they come between dog fights.

You could use other methods of dispersing aggressive canines such as using water, a long stick, or broom. There are a number of ways you could use to stop the confrontation. It depends on the environment surrounding you.

Right after the break-up, take the dogs in separate directions to avoid rekindling the fight. When dogs engage in vicious battles, they tend to become prone to injuries that require immediate attention.

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They could cause severe damage to the skin and muscles, which is a huge concern since you have to incur the vet expenses. Dog’s saliva contains potent bacteria that might react negatively by instigating serious wound infections.

inter dog aggression


The Motivation For Canine Aggression

It would be a wise idea to understand how and why aggression manifests in your pooch. Finding the root cause of the problem will help you solve issues related to this bad behavior.

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Some of the triggers include genetic motivation, hunger, poor breeding, pain, irritation, lack of confidence, resource competition, medical conditions, among many others. You should delve deep into the dog’s background and lifestyle to help you get the cause of inter-dog aggression. The process requires time and rational decisions, which help you sensibly tackle the issue.

Dogs are primitive and mostly depend on the behavior they inherit from the owners. Dogs communicate effectively to each other using clear communicators as they seek to abide to the hierarchical code. Most of the inter-dog aggression cases occur in the presence of their caretakers due to their loyal nature.

The pet owners should not feel disappointed by such behavior. Instead, they could use such an experience to find long lasting solutions. They are keen observers, and every pet owner should be cautious to avoid displaying and surrounding the pooch with negative energy and responses.

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Why Does Inter-Dog Aggression Occur?

Most of the pet owners feel disappointed when their dog cant figure out a way to live with each other. Whenever such behavior occurs, it torments the pet owner since they have to find a solution before the aggressive behavior escalates to uncontrollable levels.

The aggression may start as a simple noise, which is seen as normal, but the impending risk is too huge to ignore. Reluctance to the issue may send false signals of encouragement and motivation for them to carry on with the ill behavior.

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Canine management is required to take control of the situation before it escalates further. The environment should impact positively in the sense that the pooch could attach the correct perspective. Dogs thrive in following commands; a shacky hierarchy is one of the influencers of inter-dog aggression.



Poor Early Social Experiences

Social experiences play a huge role in the character and confidence of a dog. Dogs with good upbringing possess high levels of confidence when socializing with other dogs or going about their business.

A dog that falls victim to bullies at a tender age usually grows with the same mindset, which takes a toll when they are mature. The experience becomes part and parcel fo their lives that slowly fades when pet owners understand their problem.

A common problem is a rough play, which affects the docile dogs that lack experience in bite inhibition. Playtime for them may result to intense bites, which may trigger an aggressive response from the other dog in the receiving end. When the pet owner is present, the dogs should have a controlled playing session directed to more progressive exercise.

The owner should result to the use of toys that help the dogs interact peaceful and help them develop a more natural competitive spirit. You need to exhibit leadership qualities whenever you are playing with your dogs to avoid a slip-up.

Lack of experience in handling and applying leadership in their interactions may worsen the situation. If you want to play, let the dogs take turns since it would be more comfortable managing them separately. Cases of indoor inter-dog aggression should be settled calmly. Ensure you have some trick and tips under your sleeve to separate them safely and efficiently.

Dealing With Dog Aggression

Dog owners are likely to come across such antagonistic behavior, which is marred with aggression. Dogs in a confined space like a home can develop issues related to resource guarding or redirected aggression.

These causes could stir up enmity and aggression among your dogs, which is a terrifying ad disappointing experience. You could use some tricks to separate dogs that exhibit such aggressive behavior. The best thing is to keep the pets away from each other before a permanent solution is arrived at.

You need to be aware of certain practices that could help reduce such encounters. One thing you should be wary about is the hot zones areas that are prone to promote aggressive behavior.

Know the limits and mark the room to note the hot zones, which will help you reduce the chances of confrontations. Dogs are used to overly agitated escapades, which leads to aggressive behaviors. Your role as the caregiver is to reduce the high-intensity situations, which helps to keep the dog calm and relaxed.

Ensure that you reduce access to valuable resources by avoiding resource guarding. The valuable resources are highly regarded and admired by your pets, which triggers aggressive behavior to earn bragging rights and control.

It would be a great idea to allocate time for each pooch so that they enjoy the resources in turns, thus reducing high-intensity situations. This approach will help create a calmer environment for each pooch to enjoy the access to comfy resting spots, new toys, favorite chew items as well as your affection. You may want to give your dog food treats to help with his aggression.



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