Diet Of A Golden Retriever : What Is The Best Food For Them ?

Best food for a golden retriever ? According to the American Kennel Club, the Golden Retriever is one of America’s most popular dog breeds. They are friendly, intelligent, and devoted.

From birth, they are pure delight and as sweet as silly. Besides, they love being with children adults and even other animals. For this reason, they can easily co-exist with other pets or domestics animals.

Diet Of A Golden Retriever : Home Food

Best Dog Beds For Golden Retrievers At Home ?

The Golden Retriever is a large breed with an easy-going nature but requires special attention and care. All dog species are prone to health issues, and various forms of cancer, joint genetic problems, and multiple allergies specifically dog the golden retrievers.

How Much To Feed Golden Retriever

Many of these conditions are undetectable in young puppies, and that is why more emphasis is put on breeding practices. Choosing a high quality and nutritious dog food goes a long way in reducing his risk of future health complications.

Typically, golden retrievers weigh between fifty-five to seventy pounds and are about twenty-one to twenty-four inches at the withers. Male golden retrievers are more significant than their female counterparts are.

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This breed is a member of the Sporting Group. On average, this breed has a life span of 11 years.



General Nutritional Care For A Golden Retriever

The National Research Council of the National Academies recommends an average calorie intake of 1740 calories per 70 pounds for an active adult golden retriever.

Usually, dogs that have been neutered, and as they grow older, will need fewer calories. The air level of calorie requirement may also vary depending on how active the dog is and according to individual metabolism.

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Generally, growing puppies tend to consume more calories than adult dogs. The association of American Feed Control recommends 22 percent minimum protein composition for the maintenance in adult dogs.

Can I Feed My Golden Retriever Raw Meat

Dry foods offer the added advantage of cleaning your Golden Retrievers teeth and keep it free of tartar. Wet foods provide hydration to your dog’s meals. You can mix the two types of foods for optimum results.

Additionally, mixing will entice your dog due to the sweet aroma. However, be careful to compute the caloric contents of the combined foods to make sure they meet the recommended daily calories for your golden retriever.

Miniature Golden Retriever : The Origin of Small Dog

You want to make sure your dog is getting calcium and phosphorus with large breed puppies. High protein, glucosamine and chondroitin are all good as well. Be Careful of food allergies, brown rice could provide vitamin and mineral, this can help with joint health. Life stage dog food for golden coats, make sure their is no artificial flavoring.

How Many Cups Of Food Should A Golden Retriever Eat

If you prefer homemade diets for your golden retriever, ensure you consult your veterinarian or a nutrition expert to provide, you give him the required nutrients essential for a balanced diet. Be sure to use clean utensils and clean the food when giving your golden retriever raw meat. It will help to avoid contaminating bacteria.

Best Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies ?

Caring For The Dietary Needs Of A Golden Retriever Puppy

When feeding our golden retrievers, most of us have so many questions. How much should you feed, how frequently what s the best type of food, wet or dry, is the food too little or too much? And many more questions.

It is normal to be anxious. After all, his life will be significantly influenced by the diet you provide, even in his later stages of life.

How Much Should A Golden Retriever Eat

It is recommended that you first check your puppy to check if he/she is overweight or underweight. It can be done by feeling his ribs. Your puppy will be of ideal weight if you can lightly feel the ribs, but you cannot see any bones sticking out.

Golden retriever puppies feed more frequently than adult dogs. Try to feed him three to five times a day, and adults dogs meanwhile will usually be fed twice a day.

At this stage, their stomach is smaller and half a cup of serving in each mealtime. At two months, it is recommended you give him three meals, which will add up to one and a half cups of food.

How Much Should A Golden Retriever Puppy Eat

When your puppy gets to four months, the portion will increase to two and a half cups which can be given in three or four servings for the whole day.

When your golden retriever gets to six months, expect to feed him/her three to three and a half cups of food for the whole day. It can be given in three equal servings.

Please take note that this stage of growth will usually come earlier for male puppies, as they are more active as compared to their female counterparts.

After this stage, you may be required to increase your daily servings to four cups but keep the number of meals consistent so as give him stability when it comes to mealtime hours.

The best Golden Retriever puppy food will be one that has specific nutrition information on its packaging. Go for brands that state what is nutritionally balanced for the needs of puppies.

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Should You Go For Dry Or Wet Food?

It is advisable that you continue with the type of food that your breeder was keeping him/her on. Breeders are still split on, which is the best type of food for golden retrievers whether to go for Wet or dry kibbles. It is a matter of individual choice.

It is recommended you find the type that is most convenient for both of you and your pup. Consider all the logistics involved, such as storage, availability, affordability, quality, and your fluffy pal’s preference, you can also seek professional advice from your veterinary officer.

For dry foods, find one that is gentle on your Golden puppy. Find the one that will meet all puppy’s nutritional needs. Some brands are specifically created to meet the dietary needs of golden retriever puppies.

For wet foods, it is a good idea to offer your Golden pup some form of wet kibbles. You can try them as treats from time to time. Wet kibbles provide an alternative source of hydration if you are worried your Golden Puppy is not drinking enough water.

Offering him dry and wet foods will also get him used to a variety of tastes and textures from an early stage. However, it is best to consult your vet before introducing your Golden Pup to any foods. It is recommended that you get meals with no artificial ingredients and care should be taken to avoid foods with grain ingredients.

When transitioning your puppy to adult food, it is recommended you ask your vet for the best time and what food to offer. Each dog is different, but typically, the stage comes at around ten months to one year in age.

Please take note of how active your pooch is because, at this time, they usually pack pounds. Be careful to avoid cases of overfeeding. Excessing growing puts pressure on joints, muscles, and bones. It may lead to joint and hip problems which is more susceptible to the golden retrievers.

It is the essential stage of your Golden Retriever nutrition-wise. Giving him/her the best nutrition at early age will go a long way in assisting him have a quality life.

Caring For The Dietary Needs Of Golden Retriever Adults

Golden retrievers are large dog breeds and require healthy and well-balanced diets and regular exercises. They also very active and are known for being undiscerning in their eating. In this regard, obesity is usually a significant issue in the encounter.

It is therefore essential to choose the best food for your golden retriever. Golden retrievers require functional quality proteins in their diet. Both whole meat and meat meals are suitable for the adult golden retriever.

He will also need a good source of fats. Some vitamins are on soluble in fats, so your dog needs them In his diet. Chicken meals are a good source of quality fats.

Others are fish oil, which provides omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid foods with artificial preservatives and flavors. Besides, avoid foods that have sweeteners and colorings. When choosing your dog’s diet, try whole meals and natural ingredients.

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What is the best type of food: wet or dry kibbles

At this stage, you should be able to tell which kind of food your dog prefers. Both damp and dry kibbles have their benefits. Dry kibbles help clean your Golden retriever’s teeth and keep it free of tartar.

On the other hand wet kibble is a tasty treat and also helps with extra hydration for your dog.

You can mix the two types of food. The most important thing is always to check the ingredients to avoid allergic reactions. It is recommended that you consult an expert to make sure he gets a balanced diet. Additionally, always make sure the food given fulfills all the dietary needs of your Golden retriever.

Always select soy-free just in case your pet pal has thyroid issues. At adult stage, Golden retrievers can be fed up to two times a day.
For senior Golden Retrievers, it is essential to look for food that has higher protein to maintain muscle tone.


For adult Golden Retrievers, it is easier to select their foods. Much emphasis is put on always consulting your vet before you make any changes to their diets. Golden retrievers are prone to many dietary complications hence they need proper care and attention.

Caring For Golden Retrievers With Allergies

Most breeders strive to protect their breeds from allergies, but unfortunately, nature always takes its course. A vet should be able t advice on the best food to get for your dog. Golden retrievers develop allergies to any food mostly to meat proteins and grains. These problems primarily manifest as skin problems. When you notice your Golden Retrievers has developed allergies, try to put him on elimination diet to get root cause.

Volvulus and Gastric Dilation

The exact cause of this medical condition is still unknown. It happens when the stomach twists, cutting off blood circulation to the stomach, blocking the escape of forming gases. It causes bloat making the dogs stomach to inflate.

Immediate medical intervention is required to save the dog’s life. The risk of volvulus and gastric dilation can be cut considerably. It is achieved by diving your Golden Retrievers daily rations of food into two equal meals. Also, avoid strenuous exercises within an hour before or after the time your golden retriever usually takes his meal.

The diet you give your golden retriever will usually determine the quality of life he lives. The elbows, eyes, heart, and hip are the essential parts of your golden retriever: proper nutrition and balanced diet help to avoid development of complications in these critical areas. With proper care, a golden retriever is among the best breeds to have. It is little wonder it is among the favorite breed among Americans.