Do Boxers Shed A Lot ? Stylin And Grooming To Perfection

Best brush for boxers ? Cleanliness is often regarded as one of the key factors which lead first-time dog owners to select the boxer. Indeed, boxer dogs don’t carry with them that unpleasant “rainy day”doggy smell. In fact, they really don’t have any ‘doggy’ odors, plus many will groom themselves like a cat.

However, boxers by nature, are energetic dogs that relish the in act of rolling and smearing themselves with mud and dirt as they chase imaginary characters of their own making. But, when it’s all said and done, boxers hate being filthy, and prize personal cleanliness. Which is why it’s crucial to nail your grooming session to perfection, by using the best brush for boxers.

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Furminator : Boxer Grooming Needs

While the boxer is a dog with a short, single coat of hair with no undercoat, it still sheds. In reality, while most double-coated dogs breeds like the Great Pyrenees have two major shedding seasons such as spring and fall, the boxer tends to shed all year long.

That’s why we’re starting our look at the best dog brushes for boxers with the Furminator. The Furminator will quickly become your best friend when dealing with keeping boxer hair off of your furniture, out of your rugs and off your floors and clothing, as Furminators work by removing loose boxer hair before it has a chance to become airborne.

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At first glance, you might not understand why you require a slicker brush for your boxer, since the Furminator removes most of the hair. But loose hair is not the only consideration. Slicker brushes are used to free dirt and other debris from the coat. This is essential since boxers are an extremely athletic breed and will accumulate dirt and grime in their coats if allowed to rough house out of doors in the grass and leaves.

Pin and Bristle Brushes

We’ve used the Furminator to remove the hair, the slicker to handle the dirt and debris, so what’s next? Pin and bristle brushes. These brushes are necessary in order to enhance your dogs coat by providing it with that signature boxer shine. Pin and bristle brushes work to distribute the dogs natural oils while simultaneously providing your dog with a nice, even coat.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to grooming your boxer, some will erroneously tell you that a soft bristle brush is all you need. However, due to the breeds desire to be clean, alongside its desire to immerse itself heartily in outdoor activities involving grass, dirt and even mud, in order to keep its coat in the best possible shape, you’ll require the Furminator for hair removal, the slicker for dirt and debris removal, and the pin and bristle brush to help even out the coat and create the gorgeous shine boxers are known for.

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When it comes to removal of dirt you want to remove dirt from boxer coats with stainless steel and ergonomic design grooming tool which is good for short coats and the curry brush are good for short hair dog and reducing shedding. Using a de-shedding tool can help with loose fur and has a slicker brush. Removing dead hair and there are also natural oils that can help brush gently the boxer dogs and circular motion from the dog s coat.