Do Cats Like Peanut Butter : 4 Questions To Ask Yourself

Do cats like peanut butter ? There is a lot of controversy on whether cats should eat peanut butter or not. When you think of cat food, you want something your cat will enjoy and at the same time have nutritional value to your pet.


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Peanut butter basically contains fat, protein, carbohydrates and a bit of salt. On the other hand, cats are carnivores and we can say their staple food is mainly protein from other animals such as chicken, beef, to name a few.

Since peanut butter contains plant-based protein, we can conclude it has no nutritional value to cats. Regardless, your cat eating peanut butter has no adverse effect on its overall well-being. In other words, it is not poisonous to your pet.

You have to be careful of a cats digestive systems. Human foods are different that animal or pet foods and you want to make sure your cat is not allergic to peanut butter or that it is toxic to cats.  Peanut butter can lead to obesity in cats.

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Should you let your cat have peanut butter?

Some cats may love a taste of peanut butter once in a while. Although it is not harmful to your cat, it is not entirely good for the cat either. Why, you ask? Well, it is because the contents of the peanut butter have no nutritional value to the cat.

The fat content of the peanut butter can cause your cat to become obese. As for the carbohydrate in it, it can make your cat develop diabetes. Also, it does not contain necessary amino acids to sustain your cat’s health. Last but not least, the digestive mechanism of cats is not adapted to digest other types of foods other than animal protein properly.

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If you do give your cat peanut butter, be cautious about the amounts it ingests. If it does eat too much of the fatty sticky nutty mixture, it may experience diarrhea and/or vomiting. Needless to say, the sticky nature of the peanut butter can make it stick to the cat’s mouth. This could lead to choking.

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Peanut butter is often used in poisoning rodents. This is because they love peanut butter. So, if you have a rat or mice problem and use peanut butter in killing them,then make sure you think twice before introducing it to your cat. If you already have, take extra caution so that your cat doesn’t consume poisoned peanut butter lying around as a rodent trap.

Does peanut butter have any benefits to cats whatsoever?

Different peanut butter brands contain different nutrients in addition to the main ones. Some of the contents, although not beneficial to the cat, there are some that may be valuable. For example, peanut butter with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Resveratrol, Vitamin H and Biotin.

Vitamin A will help boost your cat’s immune system, whereas Vitamin E and Resveratrol will help protect it from heart diseases. As for Vitamin H and Biotin in peanut butter, it promotes the shimmering look of your cat’s fur as well as its skin and nail texture.

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Are there times you can make an exception for your cat to consume peanut butter?

Once in a while, if your cat likes peanut butter, you can share a little as you also enjoy it. However, don’t make it a habit. That aside, you can also give your cat peanut butter with medication.

That is, if your cat is under medication, you can coat the medicine with peanut butter and let your cat have it. The idea is basically to let your cat take the dose of medicine without realizing what it actually is.

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Do cats have any allergic reaction to peanut butter?

Generally speaking, it is rare that cats will have an allergic reaction to any peanut products. So, it is unlikely that your cat will experience an allergic reaction after eating peanut butter but not impossible. As a precautionary measure, the first time your cat takes peanut butter, keep an eye on it.

If it shows any signs of swelling, itching and scratching, hives, sneezing, or difficulty breathing, take it to your veterinarian. These are clear tell-tale symptoms that your cat is allergic to peanuts.

With all that said, do cats truly like peanut butter?

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Cats are known to be very specific, especially when it comes to their food. If you do give your cat peanut butter and it doesn’t take it, well and good. If it does, there’s also no harm in that. Naturally, cats have no liking to peanut butter.

If your cat does like peanut butter and you choose to give it, make sure it is in moderation. You can give it as a treat and not more than half a spoon. In terms of how often you can give the cat peanut butter, at most twice a week.

How can you incorporate peanut butter into your cat’s diet?

In addition to twice a week, half a spoon peanut butter for your cat, you can opt for diced and chopped pieces. This is because they’ll be easier for your cat to chew, and are less likely to stick to the cat’s mouth. Otherwise, you can let your pet lick it off your finger in small bits.

Another crucial thing you should pay attention to if you choose to give your cat peanut butter is its contents. You should avoid those laced with sodium, and go for peanut butter with as little sugar as possible.

Also, avoid feeding your cat peanut butter bathed in chocolate.
You can also give your cat raw peanuts, but make sure, and I repeat, make sure you remove the outer covering.

In conclusion

Peanut butter is not a meal for cats. Not to mention, your cat may not like it at all. However, if it does, be sure to know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to your cat and peanut butter.