Do German Shepherds Have Separation Anxiety ? 10 Signs To Look For

German shepherd separation anxiety ? Even though the majority of dog breeds usually experience separation anxiety, the German Shepherds are extra vulnerable to this problem. It is very common to them since they are very affectionate and loyal dogs. This breed is as well famous for their intelligence, athleticism, and activity.

German Shepherd Anxiety

As a result, they usually get bored quickly and feel worried when they are not active and when they are not with their owners for extended periods.

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German Shepherd Stress Symptoms

Separation Anxiety in German Shepherds dogs can be worrying because when they feel anxious, their behavior may lead to accidents. Their separation anxiety is usually triggered, especially when he notices that his owner is just about to go.

The separation anxiety might show one or more of these signs though it will depend on the severity of the anxiety:

• Howling,
• Too much barking or whining,
• Destructive behavior,
• Accidents or Urination even though well potty trained,
• Excessive licking
• Defecation
• Shivering
• Drooling
• Trying to run away from home,
• Biting parts of his body, and mostly the paws.

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german shepherd separation anxiety


Being severely loyal is among the most estimable characters of the German shepherd, although it comes with its price.

Why Is My German Shepherd So Anxious ?

They can get responsive regarding their emotional and physical setting. A very anxious German shepherd might start barking.

If this action fails to relieve his tension and fear, he will probably go on to an even more horrible behavior, such as destroying furniture or attacking other dogs.

Thus these dogs have to be dealt with differently because of their weakness and their attachment to their owner. They have to be trained in a way that they are at ease with other people to reduce the anxiety level when separated.

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When your dog begins to show the signs of separation anxiety, do not punish him since dogs don’t understand when they are punished, and for them, just a yell as a punishment can be a bit better than none.

Punishing or shouting too much to your German shepherd will only increase his stress levels, and this might lead to more undesirable behavior.

Can German Shepherds Be Left Alone

They have to be treated with politeness. And if you are aware that you are going to separate with them, then try familiarizing them with what holds them in the future.

This can be done by incorporating other characters in their life to curb the stress. They are very good at adjusting things, but they do this gradually. This will be of great help to them than an abrupt separation.

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How To Calm An Anxious German Shepherd

Train your dog to adapt to being left alone, and this should begin with short absences such as leaving it for about 30 minutes. After that, leave it for more extended periods gradually.

Do not allow leaving to be an emotional moment. Just go and don’t say goodbye, you do. It might be emotionally hard for you, although it is the best thing for your German shepherd.

Dog owners loves their dog breed along with their dog training the chew toy. When dogs separated they can show signs of separation anxiety. Some dogs eat peanut butter which may bring them comfort.

When dogs are suffering from separation anxiety a family member has to keep them calm and bring them comfort from separation anxiety in dogs. A dog feels this way for a variety of reasons and a dog trainer may be able to help with a dogs anxiety when they leave the house. A german shepherd dog has excess energy and symptoms of separation anxiety by excessive barking and destructive behavior.