Dog Acl Surgery Recovery Time ? 3 Steps For Success

Dog acl surgery recovery time ? Cruciate injury is one of the most common injuries in dogs. The injury can be chronic or acute, but either way, you may have to take your dog for corrective surgery.

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The surgery is usually a painful procedure, and the dog may need some time to recover properly. Although the process is relatively simple, you still need to ensure that you monitor your dog to limit their activity and to allow speedy recovery.

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dog acl surgery recovery time

Dog acl surgery recovery time will vary, but the first six weeks are the most crucial. It is when you have to ensure that the dog isn’t very active. Since monitoring the dog can be difficult, you can keep the dog in an enclosed area where they won’t move around as much. Make sure the place doesn’t have any furniture that the dog can jump on or skidding floors.

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Remember that too much activity can lead to the sutures coming out or the incision area bleeding. An enclosed location will also prevent the dog from running to the door or windows.

If you can keep the dog confined, then you can use a leash to make supervision easier. This doesn’t mean that the dog shouldn’t walk at all.

They can still walk around to different rooms. You can use a towel around the abdomen to help limit the strain on the legs as they walk. A sling is also a good idea if you’re not sure about the safety of the floors.

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The sutures on the dog will be removed after two weeks of the surgery. After that, you can increase the exercises and try new things like swimming, but you have to increase the activities gradually.

Remember that removing the sutures doesn’t mean that the dog has healed. The healing process will continue for weeks after that. During that time, you have to closely monitor the dog to look out for some signs of danger. Exercise is still an essential factor after surgery. You can walk the dog, but you have to limit the distance to at most two blocks.


Apart from limiting the dog’s movement, it would be best if you also prevented the dog from licking its wounds to avoid infection. It would help if you also used a sling to reduce the amount of pressure applied on the other leg.

If the dog howls, then it could be because they are in pain. You should seek professional assistance as soon as possible. It’s also important to check the incision for swelling, redness, or discharge.

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Avoid giving the dog any medication that has not been prescribed by a vet even if you think it will help the dog. Always make sure that the dog is comfortable.

In a dogs life he may get injured 2-3 times and it may require acl surgery and post surgery, the tibial plateau and knee joint could create scar tissue for the hind leg.

In post op it can gradually increased with the knee brace and laser therapy 2 times daily for good joint health a dog acl could be impacted by weight bearing activities weeks following surgery. Physical therapy and joint supplements along with an ice pack and a range of motion exercises.