Dog Eating Bunny Poop : What Is That About ?

Dog eating bunny poop ? Dogs do eat some strange things at times. There are times when dogs eat poop. Many people wonder what it happening if the dog begins to eat bunny poop.

There are some reasons why dogs eat bunny poop. While it may seem strange and disgusting there is no reason to get alarmed. Dogs do things that may seem odd to humans at times but there are some reasons why they may be attracted to bunny poop.

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Humans and dogs explore the world around them in different ways. People use their vision to explore things that are new or interesting to them. When dogs find something interesting they use their sense of taste and smell to help them explore it. When a dog finds a pile of bunny poop it may smell interesting to them. To learn more about what that substance is they may want to taste it.

Nutritional Issues

If a dog is eating bunny poop they may not be getting enough of the vitamins or the nutrients that they need in their diet. If a dog is not getting enough nutrients they may try to eat other things that may seem strange to people.

They are eating these things so they can make up for the nutrients that they are not getting. Bunny poop is high in fiber and B vitamins. If a dog is not getting with they need they may turn to bunny poop to make up for it.

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dog eating bunny poop



This is a condition that a dog or a human can have. They eat mostly inedible things. This is a sign of other medical problems and can result in a disorder that will require a visit to the vet.

There may be additional medical issues that come along with this so the owner should bring the dog to the vet to make sure there are no other medical issues. If the dog has already been diagnosed with other medical issues and has been placed at risk for pica the owner needs to keep a closer eye on the dog.

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If the dog is hungry they will try to eat just about anything so they do not have to feel hunger pains any longer. If the dog smells anything that may even have a faint reference to the food they may try to eat it.

They may be trying to make up for any food that they may be missing. Some dogs may even like the taste of bunny poop and that is why they continue to eat it.


Dogs can be scavengers at times. They tend to get into things that people do not seed as food. Dogs may eat trash due to the smell and bunny poop may be appealing to the dog in away.

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Dogs may walk around the yard and try to eat things that seem interesting to them and bunny poop may be one of those things. The dog may also smell the bunny scent that was left behind and that may make the poop more appealing to the dog. Dogs have their personalities and like their owners, they may eat things that most will not seem to understand.


As long as the dog does not have other medical conditions it is not dangerous if they eat bunny poop. The owner still needs to take measures to prevent the dog from eating poop. They should make sure the dog is fed and getting enough food so they do not need to turn to poop. Any poop even poops from bunnies can contain bacteria and pathogens that may make a dog sick.

These are some reasons why a dog may eat bunny poop. If a dog is eating bunny poop the human should not get alarmed but look at the reasons as to why the dog may be turning to feces and what they may be missing in their diet.

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A dog eats when the dog owner simply passes by but did not notice what they are eating. A rabbit form of coccidia or eaten rabbit poop could be a problem for dogs.

Rabbits eat carrots and other nick nacks, when rabbits live rabbit poo is what is produced and they eats a lot of carrots. Dogs eat rabbit poop is not good eating feces and for the digestive enzymes when a dog has eaten.

Pet rabbits eat various different food types which are not always beneficial for a dog especially wild rabbits due to the fact they can have different types of parasites. A dog eating rabbit droppings can have a loss of appetite according to Karen Becker. But who knows the best thing