Dog Names That Start With B: 116 Unique Choices

Dog names that start with b ? The name dog refers to an animal which is a member of of the genus Canis probably it’s a descendant of the common wolf.

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The dog has been domesticated for thousands of years and according to historical research its probably the first animal to be domesticated by man, its believed that dog naming originated from ancient latin and in many traditional historical roots the name dog is based on the root word “kutt” which is mostly common in Germany.

It’s more of a trend in the current world to name dogs with human names and it has gone as far as some couples preferring fur children over human children.

This close relation between man and doghas led him to give names to dogs to provide a sense of identity .In more developed countries, humans have gone as far as training the dogs to identify with their names as a way of making the dogs more part of the family

Girl Dog Names That Start With B: 50 To Choose From

The following are a list of dog most common names given to dogs starting with b:

1. Bobby

The name Bobby is a famous German English boyish name which means bright fame. It’s a short form of the word Robert and the most famous dog named Bobby is believed to have guarded its master’ grave for 14years after his death and the dog itself died and a statue was made in its remembrance in the current Scotland.

2. Betty
It’s usually a name given to dogs believed to be pretty or attractive by the owners.

3. Bob

It’s usually a short form for Bobby and its usually a male given name hence a name suitable for male dogs

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4. Bruise

It’s usually a name for dogs with a pink and red color.

5. Betsy

It’s a Hebrew baby name meaning God’s satisfaction hence given to dogs whose owners feel satisfied with the choice of their dogs.

dog names that start with b


6. Bailey

It’s mostly given to dogs which have an Irish cream color .
7. Bruiser

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It’s usually a name for a dog with a boxer and pugilist build body which makes it strong and tough
8 Blue

It’s usually a light color which ranges between violet and green which is associated with depth and stability and used as a symbol of wisdom, confidence, wisdom and trust.

10. Bingo

It refers to a famous game which was later changed to be beano its majorly known for its ability to relax the players hence preferred for dogs which are simple and humble.

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11. Brownie

12. Baron

Refers to a member of a specific rank or nobility hence used as a sense of proud achievement by the dog’s owners

13. Benedict

It’s a masculine male given name which originated from ancient Latin, hence given to muscular dogs

14. Booth

Refers to a temporarily structure set aside for the common good of others hence given to a dog with which the owner uses for the common good of the society

16. Boone
18. Beyonce
21. Boogie
22. Blake
23. Bliss
25. Brewter
26. Brennan
28. Beauty
39 .Bambi
46. Banjo

girl dog names that start with r


61. Bruin
62. Beast
63. Booker
64. Brock
65. Banks
66. Bagel
68. Bronson
69. Barry
70. Bagel
71. Baker
72. Binx
73. Bilbo
75. Beauregard
76. Beamer
77. Brinkley
78. Brutus
79. Baloo
80. Brazeth
81. Bibi
82. Banjo
83. Buster
85. Bondi
86. Buckne
87. Boss
88. Bullet
89. Boston
90. Blitz
91. Bones
92. Bart
93. Bogart
94. Braxton
95. Bongo
96. Briggs
97. Binx
98. Baaz
99. Baburao
100. Barcardi
101. Babu
102. Babie
103. Babette
104. Babs
105. Bacall
106. Babyface
107. Bachy
108. Baco
109. Baja
110. Balda
111. Balia
113. Banshee
114. Barco
115. Barky
116. Bart