Dog Names That Start With R: 20 Amazing Choices

Dog names that start with R ? If you are a dog lover and you want to have an additional pup in your home, it might be time to look for a cool name. Going through a list of dog names on the internet will likely give a lot.

However, you will realize that most dog names start with the letter r. Many enthusiasts believe this to be due to the rhetorical rhyme the letter brings to a name.

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That said, there are different names for different types of dogs. Some names are appropriate for cute little pups, while others are just fit for the terrifying dogs. Also, for intelligent dogs, some names starting with ‘r’ are only appropriate.

Female dog names that start with R

• Rachel: from the Hebrew culture, which means female sheep. It is appropriate if your pup is a herding breed or has a woolly fur.

• Rafiki: this is an Arabic and Swahili word meaning friendly. If you notice your dog being very friendly to other animals and people, then this is the name for her.

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• Rainbow: this is a name for a pup that has a charming personality. Also, if your dog is spotted, then the Rainbow will be a good fit.

• Rebekah: Rebekah is a Hebrew name meaning captivating. Your dog may have something in her that’s truly captivating. It can be her eyes or personality. If so, then why not name her Rebekah.

• Rio: this is a cool name if you notice your puppy be one for having fun, relaxing, and taking things slow. It is entirely appropriate since the Brazilian city reflects all those traits.

• Regina: what a name for your dog?. In Latin, Regina means Queen. Therefore it would be entirely appropriate for your regal doggie.

• Reese: if your dog has a fiery personality, it would be best to name her Reese. In Welsh tradition, the name stands for passionate or aggressive.

• Rosa: as the name suggests, it is for dogs that are very cute and beautiful. Give your dog this name as she deserves.

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dog names that start with r


Male dog names that start with R

• Rambo: quite common for powerful dogs, just like the movie character. If you have a German shepherd or bulldog, then this name is the best for your rover. This is a good name for a boy dog.

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• Rodney: it is a German name meaning fame. If you notice that your pup is an attention seeker in nature, then Rodney is the perfect name.

• Ruddy: this name is perfect for dogs with reddish fur. This is because the name comes from the word Rudde which means red color.

• Rudolph: This is another name suitable for dogs with that reddish-brown color. It is a German word meaning glory.

• Rascal: This is one for cheeky and funny dogs. It is appropriate for all sizes and breeds, and you are sure to make everybody take notice when you call your dog.

• Ray: Ray is French for King. If your dog likes to sleep all day and dominate space from other animals in the vicinity, then Ray is appropriate for your Dog King.

• Racer: this name is for active dogs that can’t seem to catch a breath even for a minute. If your pup is always playful, then this is the best name to call him.

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Unisex dog names that start with R

• Red: you can give your dog this name if he/she is always active or has a reddish coat. Red means a fiery nature in many cultures.

• Rags: is for a dog that literally shreds everything in the house.

• Rex: is a classic for any dog that has a detective personality. If your dog is the curious one, then Rex is the perfect fit for him or her.

When choosing a perfect name for your dog, it is essential to consider the dog’s personality. If you have a shy dog, choose a soft name such as Rachel or Ruddy. If you have a dog that is rough and aggressive, it is quite apparent that names such as Rags, Racer, and Rascalare a perfect match.

Another consideration is the age of the dog. For a puppy, it is essential to use a simple name that will not confuse him/her. Choosing a name with two syllables will be appropriate during training as your dog will quickly master it.

It is also important to remember that dog breeds factor into naming decisions. I have given a few names that are brilliant for German shepherds. For big dogs like the Great Dane, Rambo will be fantastic. For a French bulldog, Ray will be just excellent.

I hope from the names above, you will be able to find a good name that matches your dog character, breed, and coat color.