Dogs Strawberries : 5 Amazing Fruity Facts

Dogs strawberries ? Strawberries are loved by many because of their juicy freshness. Not to mention, it is loaded with lots of vitamins such as Vitamin C and antioxidants.

The bright red color of strawberries that is complemented perfectly by the green caps is giving the fruit a more appealing appearance. It is also unique because its yellow seeds are found right outside, unlike other fruits that have their seeds hidden inside.

You have always had your furry friend close by you whenever you are enjoying the sweet flavor of the strawberries, and you get tempted whether you should share some with the dog?

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Fruits and vegetables are very important and should be given in small pieces. When you feed your dog strawberries its a healthy snack the good news is there is no high fat and are good for dogs during strawberry season. Frozen strawberries are full of natural sugar, to prevent a choking hazard cut them in halves. They are full of fiber and vitamin.

Well, you can have your dog have a sweet taste of the berries, but there are significant factors you need to consider feeding them these juicy fruits. The strawberries are indeed fresh fruits with several nutrients suitable for muscle and general developments amongst the dogs hence making them more active.

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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries ?

These fruits are not poisonous for the dogs, but the major drawback is their high sugar levels. Too much of sugary foods on a dog’s diet contributes to some stomach upsets resulting in constipation and diarrhea. Therefore if you have to share these juicy fruits with your dog, ensure that you feed them in low amounts to avoid some health complications.

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How are strawberries suitable for dogs?

Most dogs will love these fruits since they are =very sweet and juicy, as well. Strawberries high amounts of fiber hence promoting proper digestion. Omega -3 compounds present in this fruit is responsible for good skin and also coating on the dog’s health.

Strawberries are significant sources of vitamin B1, C, K, and B6, as well as the potassium, magnesium, and iodine compounds, which are perfect for muscle growth, skin protection, and the overall body growth. The strawberries will, therefore, boost the dog’s health to a higher level, and the dog will be able to resistant to disease attack.

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When are strawberries bad for dogs?

As mentioned earlier, strawberries contain high amounts of sugar, and this may result in stomach upsets if the fruits are taken in high amounts. Different dogs may take various quantities of strawberry fruits, and it is thus advisable to seek some medical advice from a nutritionist.

Usually, smaller or rather younger puppies may consume low amounts of the strawberries as the bigger dogs consume bigger sizes of the juicy fruit.

However, remember that high amounts of the strawberry fruit are hazardous due to the high sugar levels contained in the fruit. Stick to low quantities, not unless advised otherwise by a nutritionist.

If you have a strawberry garden within your home garden, it is also crucial that you guard your dog against accessing it. Also, be careful of the pesticides sprayed on the strawberry plants. These drugs can be poisonous hence resulting in some health problems to the dog.

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Canned strawberries or any form of chemical flavors added to the berries should be avoided as well. This is due to the high sugar levels and artificial flavors combined on the strawberries.

Such elements are toxic to the dog and would only deteriorate their health. In case your dog feeds on these strawberries with such chemical flavors accidentally, you need to visit a veterinary immediately proper for quick medical attention.

Some dogs may, however, develop some allergic reactions to the consumption of these fruits, and it is advisable to contact a veterinary right away.

Some of these reactions include body swelling, breathing g problems, coughing, sneezing, and fever, among other symptoms. In case your dog develops such symptoms, you should stop feeding them the strawberries and consult a nutritionist on such effects.

How to serve the strawberries to your dog

Most dogs will like fruits and would want to take more of them, which be so dangerous. You, therefore, need to limit the dog’s consumption to the appropriate sizes they should take based on their dietary needs. You can also speak to your veterinary for an exact measure of the number of strawberries that are appropriate for your dog.

Always buy fresh fruits which are not subjected to any chemical treatment to avoid health complications. If you are feeding a small puppy, you may smash the nuts in a large bowl to make them soft for easy swallowing.

This would also help it from being chocked. If you have other healthy fresh fruits that are safe for the dog, you may blend them with the strawberry fruits for a better taste and nutritional value. However, you need to be careful about the fruits you will be adding. Some fruits are salty hence very poisonous to the dogs.

Consider some fresh fruits with low fats content, low salt, and also low sugar components for a healthy diet. If you are confused about the fruits to add, you consult your veterinary to advise you accordingly.

Most dogs love the strawberries due to the sweet flavor and intense aroma. You may even find them picking some fallen berries beneath your couch or dining table, and this should not worry you either.

You should think of providing some fresh berries for them instead. Give fresh and smaller quantities of the strawberries to your dog and let them enjoy the sweet and juicy fruit. In case you are experiencing any challenge, you may quickly contact a nutritionist or any of your preferred veterinary doctors.

Incorporating the fruit in their diet will promote the health of your dog and improve its immune system, especially when it is given in moderation. Your dog can enjoy more this health-giving nutrient fruit when served in moderate amounts. So if you want to know if dogs can eat strawberries, yes they can but do keep an eye on how much they should be eating.