Dry Mouth Saint Bernard: Everything You Need To Know

Dry mouth saint bernard ? Well, St. Bernard is known to have copious drools, which is caused by the natural shape of its head. The hanging down of their lips will mean that they are not able to maintain saliva in their mouths and will drool a lot.

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Dry Mouth Saint Bernard : Drool Baby

This is the kind of drool you would sometimes experience when being attended by your dentist.

Dry mouth Saint Bernard is what many people have been considering to have. Whereas a St. Bernard will not be a “dry mouth,” it is possible to have a crossbreed that ensures minimal drooling.

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The breeder will be looking to achieve a dog that has a narrower and longer muzzle though this will alter the breed standard of the St. Bernard. It is the only best bet for someone looking for this dog and can not stand the excessive drooling.

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dry mouth saint bernard


Another essential point to note with a St. Bernard is that it does shed a lot of hair. However, this should not be an issue as regular grooming will help minimize the shedding.

Luckily, these dogs do not require very specialized grooming procedures. One can brush them daily coupled with regular baths to maintain their coat. St. Bernard’s are quite easy dogs to maintain when it comes to grooming.

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St. Bernard is a fantastic family dog that will do well with small kids. They are loving, loyal, steady, and quiet dogs that will offer any family the best companionship they will be looking for. However, they must get trained at an early age.

This way, they will be easy to instruct and obey such instructions. It is essential that your St. Bernard is well trained, considering that it is a big dog.

You do not want to have temperament issues with a dog of such big size. However, if you are looking for a dog to accompany you in your morning long-distance runs, then St. Bernard is not the dog for you.

big puppy


Though St. Bernard’s drooling might be of concern to some people, it should not be your priority when looking for the dog from a breeder.

Other fundamental factors, such as the dog’s temperament and soundness, should be of more importance to you. The breeder should ensure that the fundamental traits are achieved before going for the aesthetic ones.

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For a new owner of a St. Bernard, it is often to overlook the fact that the puppy will grow into a massive dog. It is wise to ensure that you interact with a grown St. Bernard, and try to groom them.

It would help if you also tried to fit a grown dog at the back of your car to get an idea of how things will be. It is only when you are satisfied that you can finally carry a St. Bernard puppy home. The american kennel club has a breed standard for a mouth saint bernard or a saint bernard puppy. A dry mouth saints can also be called a st bernard.

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