English Bulldog Allergies: 5 Symptoms To Be Aware Of

English bulldog allergies ? Bulldogs are a breed of dogs characterized by a wrinkled face, muscular body, and a pushed-in nose.

They have a short muzzle and broad head and shoulders and a typical fold above the nose. Although they might seem to have a grumpy, reserve look, they are very friendly and docile.

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They relate well with children, pets, and are firmly attached to their families. English bulldogs have vulnerable health and are often susceptible to allergic reactions.

This is because of their genetic characteristics or environmental changes that stimulate allergic reactions. You need to understand the different types of allergies, as it will help you in their treatment. Here is an exclusive look at the English bulldog allergies.

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english bulldog allergies


Atopic Dermatitis

Skin allergies that affect the English bulldogs are known as atopic dermatitis. The skin allergies result from hypersensitivity of the skin to mold or dust mites.

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This ailment is characterized by paw chewing, excessive licking of the skin, inflammation of the ear, and chewing of hind legs. You can also touch the ears of your dog to check whether it has a higher temperature than the rest of the body.

If so, your bulldog might be suffering from skin allergies. When the English bulldogs suffer from this allergy, the skin at the paws, armpits, and toes may appear pink, reddish-brown or black.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should consult a vet immediately rather than waiting for the sign s to spread to the rest of the body. Atopic dermatitis often affects young English bulldogs.

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Contact Allergy

Allergens do not only get to the English bulldog through the air. Sometimes they may be susceptible to contact allergy by coming into contact with particular allergens.

Some of these include grass, flea collars, dog shampoo, some plants, grass, or bedding. As these are things that the dog comes into contact with from time to time, you need to check out the cause of allergy and keep your dog away from getting into contact with the allergens.

Some of the tips to reduce contact allergies include bathing your dog after it contacts other dogs, purchasing dog shampoo with organic ingredients, regular sterilization, and avoiding walking your dog in dirty areas when you go outdoors.

Always look out for contact allergic symptoms such as skin redness and inflammation for early detection and remedy.


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Food Allergy

Food allergy results from the food that the dog eats. This type of allergy is common with English bulldogs because they have a sensitive stomach that is allergic to various foods.

The symptoms of allergic reactions due to the food they have ingested include; ear inflammation, coughing, diarrhea, seizures, sneezing, and gagging. Most English Bulldogs are intolerant to pork, whey, soy products, wheat, foodstuffs that have artificial flavoring and sugar, and chemical preservatives. You should hence be cautious about the type of food you give your dog or consider getting food recommendations from the vet.

Inhalant Allergy

Inhalant allergies are caused by inhalation of air allergens, including mites, pollen grains, chemicals, dust, and molds. English bulldogs are more prone to inhalant allergy due to their flat muzzles.

These allergens cause respiratory problems to the dogs, which leads to detrimental effects. Symptoms of an inhalant allergy include biting, chewing, and scratching of paws and skin. When going outdoor with your pet dog, always check on the air quality and whether its ideal for your dog.

Bacterial Allergy

Different bacteria live on your English bulldog skin, which makes the dog susceptible to bacterial allergy. Dogs that are genetically prone to develop bacterial allergy often lose hair, frequently scratch the skin and inflammation on the affected area, causing skin infections.

Staphylococcus is a common bacterium that causes skin allergies and antibiotics offers the best cure for these allergies.

Final Verdict

The above list is a guideline of the common allergies that affect the English bulldog. You should always be alert for any signs of allergy in your dog. If the allergy is left for long without treatment, it could cause severe consequences, and you don’t want that. A regular check-up with a vet will keep your bulldog free healthy and free from any allergies and diseases.

Dust mites may cause skin allergies as they have been known to hide in the dog’s hair. As far as the digestive system blood tests can be ran and you want to ensure that your dog is eating high quality home cooked meals that will not cause any allergic reactions.

An english bulldog can take either a diagnostic test or an allergy test. A bulldog puppy can have irritated bulldog skin. It is good to have the necessary protein source that will aid in the immune system function and help with environmental allergens and allergy symptoms. Dog food allergies in bulldogs can be prevented should be prevented for bulldog allergies.