Essential Oils For Fleas On Cats : 5 Helpful Hints

Essential oils for fleas on cats. Pets are the cutest! You sure would think of your cat the same way. Playing with this precious little thing can create fond memories of joy.

But, have you ever wondered fleas on your cat?

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Seeing fleas on your cats could be quite bothersome! You might want to get rid of it as soon as possible but do you know how? If you are here to get an answer to this question then it would be interesting for you to learn on essential oils for fleas on cats! Read on for more information.

Why Get Rid Of Fleas?

You must be wondering why to get rid of fleas! Well, maintaining cleanliness is important plus some fleas might even carry diseases and that is why it is important that you should get rid of them.

Fleas can cause too much trouble for your pet. To get rid of fleas it is important that you maintain cleanliness. Vacuum the house every day especially when you have a carpet in the house.

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Clean the area where your cat sleeps and when you are done vacuuming the house make sure you empty the bag of your vacuum outside the house.

essential oils for fleas on cats


Using Essential Oils

Cats could be sensitive to the essential oils and you do know how much they want to lick everything you are offering! You have to be careful when using such essential oils on your little pet.

Before using the essential oils it is important for you to note that essential oils could be toxic to the gets especially if you are utilizing these in a higher concentration.

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Always make sure of the concentration and it has to be diluted. Make sure you have the guidance from the vet as well. Your vet can be your best guide in this regard.

How To Use Essential Oils

Now that you know that you have to get information from the vet especially your pet is prone to allergies, you can use the essential oils in the following manner:

You can give a bath to your cat using the essential oils.

Use a shampoo and mix a low concentration of the essential oils that can repel the fleas.

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For example:

You can use the low concentration of lavender oil and mix it with the shampoo! You can also try citrus!

You can try the lemongrass essential oil for the treatment of fleas. You can find this oil in many products. It is possible to find products in the market for the treatment of fleas but always make sure that you get the guidance from the vet.

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There are many other essential oils that you can try such as thyme essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, but always make sure that the kind of oil that you are using is suitable for your cat or not. Some people own different pets in the house, which is why it is important to have the required knowledge when using such products for the treatment of fleas.

Final Words

Your pet is your little bundle of joy. It is important to make things easy for it especially if the cat is facing the flea problem! Fleas can be uncomfortable for you and cat both.

Thus, getting rid of the fleas would be extremely important. There are many ways through which you would be able to get rid of fleas and one such way is using the essential oils.

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However, before trying it for the very first time on your pet, make sure you consult the vet! It is possible that your cat might be allergic to it. Always use a low concentration as higher concentration could be toxic.

Carrier oil may assist with flea larva and is safe for cats, it may kill fleas and ticks and can be used for flea treatments in small amounts. Dogs and cats need flea repellant to help them to not itch and scratch and this is the best form of flea control.

The sense of smell for pet owners, flea and tick, can have a variety of oil blends. Flea eggs and flea infested pets can also use peppermint oil and flea collars with insect repellent as well.