Exotic Female Dog Names: 5 Types To Choose From

Exotic female dog names ? Naming a dog often goes beyond assigning the name. For this reason, it will be prudent to consider a name that not only matches the love you have for your pet but also be as suitable as possible. You will note that coming up with a name will often be a hard task. In this light, various people are now considering exotic names. An exotic name often highlights a foreign language or even culture. Usually, it tends to be exalted by a unique character. We explore some of the unique names that you could consider in this regard.

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Exotic names for female dogs
Whereas many people assume that female dogs are not as aggressive, the converse is true. It will be prudent for you to give your dog a name that mirrors smartness, reliability, as well as beauty. We explore a few of the names that will highlight all these aspects.

1. Names that Highlight Beauty

Often, people will want a name that indicates how beautiful and adorable the dog is. You will find a perfect name in Ada. This is a Spanish name that signifies beauty.

You could also choose Aviana or Layla. The latter is usually used to indicate night beauty. If you are a lover of the Hindu names, Rochana will be an ideal choice for you.

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While at it, you can never go wrong with Aurora, which is often inspired by aurora borealis. How about the name Keely? This moniker bears an Irish as well as Celtic descent.

Many people tend to use flowers to show how beautiful things are. The name Primrose will offer you the best escape in such instances. It is of Latin origin.

As a lover of white rose, you will find it valuable to use the Spanish name Rosalba or Rosalia. You could also substitute it with Rosabel. This Latin name is inspired by nature and stands for a beautiful flower.

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exotic female dog names


2. Names that Show Nobility

There is a sense of value that people often attach to their pets. For as long as your dog shows tend to accentuate traits of grace, it will be suitable to get a name that indicates dignity or superiority. You could smoothly go for a name such as Adel or Adeline. They are both of German descent and usually highlight nobleness.

You will also find homage in the name Dafina. It is a Swahili name that means precious. One other Swahili name to consider is Daria, which highlights a wealth of grace or even material possession.

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Besides, the Japanese name Keiko could come in handy if you want to show how blessed you are to have the pet. Besides the Hebrew name, Rama would be suitable for your pet if you are to highlight how exalted it is.

How about the name Shanay? Won’t it be sweet to name your dog after God’s graciousness? In the same light, Vallita will be suitable for you if you want to imply that it is a ruler.



3. Names that Highlight Art

People will often consider naming their pets based on the arts that they like. Names that show various arts, ranging from drawings to music, will often come in handy.

Kenyatta is one exotic name from the Swahili that stands for a musician. This is an ideal name for those that are in love with music or the beauty that comes with songs.

You will also find the name Harper to be worth giving a try. It is of a British origin and stands for Harpist. While at it, you could go for Rayna, which is a Hebrew name that stands for the song of the lord.

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4. Names for the Universe

It could be quite hard to ignore the beauty that comes with the universe. Various names like Stalene will come in handy. This name implies the brightness of the star. You could also go for the Hindi name Surya which stands for the sun. Theana is a name for one of the Greek goddesses.

Choosing a name for your female dog will often depend on your preferences. While this list is not exhaustive, it indicates some of the top monikers you could consider. Keep reading with us for more names!

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