Extreme Dog Fence Setup : 5 Incredible Features

Extreme Dog Fence Setup : 5 Incredible Features And Advantages

Extreme dog fence ? Once you have adopted your dog, it will grow regardless of how small it is when buying it. As it becomes, there are further responsibilities that come your way.

One of the common responsibility is that you need to have an extreme dog fence if you don’t want to lose your dog. The fence comes in a kit that enables you to have all that you need to install it. Have a look at some of its features:

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Electronic Receiver Collar

This is the first feature that you should be looking for when buying the fence. It helps you in tracking the dog so that every time you can be sure where the dog is.

In most cases, the collar should be light in weight so that it does not outweigh the dog. About 1.1 oz. would be favorable. The material should as well be rubber since they are more comfortable for the dog.

According to the boundaries that you set for the dog, he will always have an electric stimulation whenever he goes beyond the border. With time, he will learn how far he should go.

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Transmitter Box

This is just a control box which controls the entire system. It is in the box that electric stimulation is triggered to restrict the dog to a given boundary. If you go for a more advanced extreme dog fence, the transmitter box will also have an indicator light that tells you when it is working properly or not.

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In-Ground Fences

The boundaries we are talking about are made using the in-ground fences. These are electric cables that are laid in the ground to specify the region the dog should not get to. You can create the boundary using these fences in the shape that you wish. You don’t have to place the wires dip in the ground. They can be effective even just under the surface. You can set them all around a maximum of 25 acres.

Boundary Flags

The boundary flags not only ensure the durability of the invisible ground fences but also acts as the visible boundary for the dog. It would make no sense to have an electric stimulation on the dog without any physical signal for the dog that he or she is in the wrong place. This is why you should not ignore the boundary flag. As the dog sees it, his mind will be conformed to believe that it is never safe to be in some places.

There are many other features of an extreme dog fence — however, the once mentioned above as the basic ones. If you are thinking of buying such a fence, ensure that it comes with the above features. Your fence can work favorably with them.

Sometimes dog owners use a dog collar to control their dog. However there are static correction and pro grade systems that can keep your dog safe as well as training flags and that the system also uses a surge protector.

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An electric dog fence systems are very unique and they also come with a wireless dog fence and sometimes with an extreme dog fence system you can have an underground electric dog fence.

You can train your dog with a professional grade that has a boundary wire with at least a 100 acre radius that is heavy duty with a wired dog fence that is about 500 feet. The invisible dog fence is a great tool to train your dog.




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