Female Dog Names And Meanings : Who Knew ?

Female dog names and meanings ? When you get a new puppy, the first thing that comes to mind is its name. There are a lot of male dog names, finding a female one is the tricky part.

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But this article will help you narrow down your search. Every pet parent wants something unique for their pup. Simplicity is also important when choosing your pet’s name, you do not want too long of a name that will make it hard for your dog to remember.

You can choose your pup’s name depending on different things from their breed and heritage to the color of their eyes. Your dog’s personality is also important when choosing the name; some personalities just shine and make it easy to choose. Dog owners loves dogs as well as dog breed, this dog name list are popular female dog with a white dog as well.

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Most common female dog names

Just because they are common does not mean they are not beautiful. These are names that are beloved by many pet parents over the years and have grown to be the most popular.

● Lady

This name was popularized with the hit movie, ‘The Lady and the Tramp’. The name means royalty.

● Bailey

This popular name means ‘protective wall’. This name can as well be a personality name. This is because, you as a pet parent can tell if you’re pet has a protective trait or is a guardian, this is the name to give to her.

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● Bella

This is a beautiful Italian name meaning just that, beautiful.

● Belle

Just like the name above, Belle is a French name meaning beautiful that was made popular in the movie, ‘ Beauty and the Beast’.

● Arya/ Aria

This is a name that has two heritages
1. Italian
Meaning air
2. Hebrew
This means lioness of God

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female dog names and meanings


● Sadie

This cute name means protective sister

● Zoey

This is a popular name that means life

● Lucy

This is by far one of the most popular pet female dog names. It means loving as well as crazy and energetic.

● Stella

Research shows that this is the most common pet name to give your dog. It means star.

Female pet names according to places

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You might have taken a trip somewhere and loved the place and you decide to call her that special place. That special visited will always be revisited through your pet.

● Madison

You might have gone to an amazing concert at the Madison Square Garden’s and you decide to name your pet that name. This name means gift.

● Paris

A beautiful trip to the city of lights can make you name your pet after it. That trip will be remembered through your pet. Paris means young love.

● Sydney

A trip ‘down under’ is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sydney is a beautiful name for your dog. It means island on a river.

● Dakota

This is a name derived from the United States, North Dakota and South Dakota. This name means ‘allies’ or ‘ friends’.

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Names according to gems

A gem is a precious and valuable stone. Naming your pet after a precious stone shows how important and valuable they are to you.

● Sapphire

This is a somewhat blue stone. This can be used to name a pet with blue eyes. The name means “blue”.

● Ruby

A Latin gem meaning red, Ruby is a name that can be used to name a pet with almost red eyes.

● Jade

A light greenish stone, the sort of name to call your pet with green eyes

Tough names for your female dog

You don’t always have to go with cute princess name for your female dog, a tough name can have a lot of impact on your dog. They show their strong nature and protective side.

● Sage

Sage is an herb that is believed to chase away evil spirits from a home. Naming your pet sage means that she is a guardian to your home.

● Artemis

Greek goddess names are always strong. Artemis represents god of the moon.

● Elexis

This name means defender of mankind. This a good name for a guard dog.

● Raven

Just like the watch out bird, Raven is a name for a watchdog that protects you and informs of any trouble.

● Lara

Lara is a name for a girl that is not afraid of anything. The name made popular by Angelina Jolie in the hit movie Tomb Raider, she plays Lara Croft a strong woman.

Other names to call your pet

Coco – a small dog that is chocolate colored
Oreo- means a dog that had black and white coat
Daisy- a white and yellow flower
Juliet- means young or youthful love
Luna- Latin name meaning moon
Bambi- this name means child

In conclusion, choosing a pet name is up to you. You know your pet best, so choosing a name will not be that hard. It is important to have in mind that the name you choose will stay with your dog for ten years or more, so choose wisely.