Flushable Cat Litter : 4 Actions To Take

Flushable cat litter ? Is it wise to flush the flushable cat litter?
From the name, flushable cat litter, anybody would conclude that they are flushable.

Unlike human beings who use flushable toilets and flush on their own, we do not expect cats to do the flushing once they have used it. This tells you that you have a responsibility to be emptying the litter.

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Well, should you go ahead to flush the litter as you do with your waste? Generally, you have to consider several factors for you to make the decision.

First, you should be prepared to spend more cost on your plumbing if you choose to be flushing the cat litter. If you have to flush a significant amount of the waste down the toilet will always have your pipes clogged.

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The cat waste is not like that of human that disintegrates when pressured water is exerted on it. You realize that most of the toilets today are water-saving and which only uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

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This amount cannot allow the cat litter to move to the drainage, meaning a lot of it will be clogging on the pipes. You don’t want to go through such frequent plumbing when you can avoid it.

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Additionally, the cat faeces might contain toxoplasma gondii, which is a parasite causing toxoplasmosis. The standard waste treatments plans are not designed to kill such parasites.

This means that if you flush the cat litter in the same toilet system, you will be putting yourself at risk of contracting the toxoplasmosis.

You are as well putting in danger any life that the waste is going to be discharged like in the water bodies.

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As much as the flushable cat litter is available in the market, it could be considerable of you to avoid the flushing as possible.

You can simply be disposing of the litter probably to make compost manure for your kitchen garden rather than flushing it into the sewage system.

A swheat scoop is an eco friendly device that cat owners can use to make sure litter is safe. Green tea based litters are safe to flush with septic systems.

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The worlds best cat clumping cat litter can also be a clay litter for multiple cats. This type of litter is known to be safe for your pets and clumping litters don’t have human waste in them, however, flushable litters for multi cat is the best odor control tool to use.