Foods To Avoid When Dog Has Cushings : 7 Ideas

Foods to avoid when dog has cushings ? Keeping pets such as dogs at home needs more attention as they may acquire killer diseases if they are not well vaccinated. Dogs have a hormone in their body that stands sensations of infections, stress, and weight loss and maintain their blood sugar level.

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Therefore, certain states can cause malfunctioning in a dog’s body, such as hypercortisolism. Dogs glands may end up been diagnosed with Cushing’s, which may affect either the pituitary gland or the adrenal gland as well, and this may be brought forth by an increase in cells hence hormonal imbalance. Read on to know about this dog conditions and foods that should be avoided once it develops the disease.

Like any other disease that pets develop, there is a need that there is adequate care so that full recovery can be achieved. For this reason, there are different food materials that these animals need to be given and those that should be avoided totally so that the problem can be managed.

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In this article, you will learn more about the foods that should be avoided whenever a dog develops cushings. For pet owners you have to be mindful of the side effects of chicken beef and a protein diet or a raw diet with raw food that is high in protein. Due to the high levels of cortisol can cause an adrenal tumor. Other things to be mindful as well are fish oils.

foods to avoid when dog has cushings



Your dog starts consuming more food and water than it used to earlier, It may show signs of feeling hungry and thirsty after a short period of time, It starts having more injuries than usual whereby it falls or stats to limb after jumping from a meager pace, Its fur begins to wither losing a lot of hair, Its belly begins to form in a potty shape . Its skin becomes pale and looks diseased; your dog becomes weak, inactive, and walks more slowly.

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You can look for a veteran who can run some tests of blood and urine samples to see what the dog might be diagnosed with. If the disease has not proceeded to a further stage, you can take surgery for an option. Some drugs are meant to relieve the most venturing symptom though they may also cause some other infections.

There are also diets supplements’ of natural products that may help improve your dogs’ health and stand such symptoms. Such products include Hemp and Adrenal support, among others. However, it is good to seek advice from your vet before changing your dogs’ diet. Herein are foods that should be avoided in case your dog has Cushing’s;


If your dog is diagnosed with Cushing’s, you may reduce some fibers in its diet since most pet recipes contain a lot of fibers. You may replace it with foods rich in vitamins, proteins and are low in carbohydrates and fats such as vegetables, including carrots, green beans and peas, and fruits such as apples.

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You should not feed your dog with excess sodium as it may speed up the Cushing’s and worsen your dogs’ state, and you may end up losing your dog .sodium interferes with the dogs’ blood system by increasing blood pressure. It also brings changes in the dogs’ body, whereby it starts adding excess weight. You can do away with sodium on your dogs’ diet by not feeding your dog with processed foods and putting a little salt on your dogs’ meals.

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Hyperglycemia is a particular condition where there’s an increase in blood sugar levels of a living thing. This is brought forth by a substance known as cortical, which stimulates the liver to increase blood sugar levels caused by high amounts of cholesterol. This state is more prone to heart, kidney, nerve, bone, and joint diseases. To maintain blood sugar levels, you need to consult a doctor for explanations on how to plan your daytime meals.

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Cushing disease causes fat deposition, and people with this disease can develop a hump on their upper back .this may end up messing up with one’s memory and concentration, and it may also create more chances of high blood pressure and diabetes. It is good to avoid the consumption of foods that are rich in fats and oils and plan your diet on more vegetables and fruits to prevent such infections.


A purine is a colorless crystalline compound with elemental properties, forming uric acid on oxidation. Some of the foods which are rich in purine include herring, trout, shellfish, and many others. There are also some meats in this category, like, for instance, the veal and bacon turkey. Though it’s a bit more challenging to come across such foods, it is good to include them on your dogs’ diet.

Purines may be found in almost all proteins, but they are not equalized .there has not been enough research on the outcome effects on cooking and purines. Still, there are final measures got from practices, and they reveal that food helps in weakening the purines, making them easier to absorb, and this may worsen the condition of your Cushing’s dog.


Since dogs with Cushing’s disease become thirstier. You should not limit them from taking more water. It is not a permanent condition, it may annoy you always to keep filling water for the dog to drink, but it helps relieve the status of your dog.

You can seek advice from your veterinarian on how to deal with your dogs’ weight loss if it seems to have more loss from the previous tests. You need to keep watching your dog regularly, and in case of any pathetic sign, you need to keep your veterinarian updated.

Cushing’s disease is not one easy disease to cure, but it can be controlled and prevented through vaccines and improved diet. Once you start practicing more rich recipes for Cushing’s dogs as well as keep in touch with your veterinarian, your dog will improve and look healthier, and this way, it may live a longer life.

This is a big problem among dogs at large. All we need to do is stick to what a doctor has said, and everything shall turn right for you. Take immediate action whenever you notice any change happening out at large.

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