French Bulldog Walking : 3 Things To Look Out For

French bulldog walking ? French Bulldogs have an amazing and cuddle personality, which sets them apart from other breeds. They are known to develop a propensity to sleep and laze around. Some pet owners hold beliefs that the French Bulldogs don’t need regular exercising, which is not the case.

Frenchies would be active breeds if you took the time to observe their routine and playing time. The fascinating thing about them is that they could play for hours a true testament of their vim and energy levels.

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They are also interactive, both with humans and other dogs. Coming up with a regular health routine program could be key to keep your pooch healthy and happy. 

french bulldog walking


The stature and physical traits of the breed may paint a wrong lazy impression, but the truth of the matter is they need regular exercising. It is always good to strive for balance in every aspect, which implies that the dog needs resting time as well as equal playing time.

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An overweight pooch may trigger health conditions that may play a part in reducing its longevity. Walking the Frenchies could be a great exercising routine that may help them stay active and healthy.

However, the french bulldog is susceptible to heating, which might trigger other serious complications. It is a wise idea to try and keep things calm when it’s too or humid.

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Vets recommend regular exercises for your pet, and the french dog needs to get acquitted to the routine. A walk in the park could simply do the trick for you. It does not expend a lot of energy, which is convenient for the Frenchies since you don’t want to give them a difficult time breathing.

They have short noses and limited air passages, which may render them vulnerable as their demand for oxygen supply increases.

physical traits


Let’s look at some of the tips you could use for french bulldog walking.

Try a harness rather than a collar.

Most pet owners recommend using a harness rather than a collar since it helps restrict the dog’s movement quite effectively. The harness is also suitable and ideal for the french bulldogs due to their stature and the fact that they are short-nosed breeds.

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Harnesses wrap and fit nicely, which helps avoid breathing problems later in life. Ensure you find a harness that fits perfectly, which will help create comfort for effective results.

There a number of harnesses in the market, and you only need to make the right decision and pick one that will give you the value of your money back. Pick a harness that suits your pooch’s muscular appearance for better results.

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Be cautious about the weather condition.

During summer, when it’s the conditions are ideal for walking your dog pick the early morning and evenings when the sun’s intensity is low. The French bulldog is a short-nosed breed that may develop difficulties in breathing due to shortness of breath.

They are also susceptible to overheating due to hot conditions and intense exercises. It is recommended that you take more morning strolls to avoid the adverse effects of the scorching sun.

Practice walking nicely with treats

Walking your french bulldog may turn out to be a nightmare, especially if you lack the art of patience. Some dogs that are not used to walks and interaction with the outdoor environment may take time to adjust to the new setup.

Walking with treats and rewarding your pooch after a good deed may set a new pace and behavior. They quickly learn what is good and bad if you train them properly. It may help you when the dog becomes rowdy and aggressive.

Pre-empt their excitement

Interactions with the outdoor environment may overwhelm your pooch and cause panic and other emotions. A very effective way of avoiding embarrassing situations along the way is pre emptying their excitement. It requires a prior introduction to some of the common features you’ll be most likely to encounter during a walk.

Familiarize your pooch with other dog breeds as well as people. It will help drain the unnecessary excitement, which may lead to fatal wounds emanating from confrontation with other dogs. Train your dog by diverting their attention with a treat, which will help instill the right discipline and behavior.