Frenchton : 3 Ways To Take Good Care Of Them

Frenchton ? The Frenchton is a cross breed between the playful Boston Terrier and French bulldog. Many people who have had the opportunity to interact with this amazing dog describe it as playful and mischievous.


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Owning a Frenchton will tremendously enhance the quality of your life. The Frenchton is compatible with individuals from all walks of life. This dog does well in small spaces and is an ideal pet for people living in apartments.

Contrary to popular belief, the French Bull dog and the Frenchton is not the same breed. A Frenchton can either be 50 percent Boston Terrier or 50 percent French bulldog.

This dog can also be 25 percent Boston Terrier and 75 percent French bull dog. From this analysis, it is clear that the Frenchton carries more characteristics and traits of a French bulldog than a Boston Terrier.

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The Frenchton was developed in the 1990s. The reason behind developing this designer dog was to create a healthier version of its parents.

The American Kennel Club is an american stapled registry for dogs that are considered to be pure breeds.

Also this organization sponsors the world wide kennel dog show for pure breeds. Having your dog in this show is considered an honor.

This organization has been around for over 135 years and is considered a standard for pure breeds.

Being a bulldog boston terrier mix they are considered smaller dogs and dog breeds.

The Frenchton dog can weight 25 pounds and you want to understand potential health problems. Frenchton puppies can be black and white with short hair.

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The main goal of the scientists who created this dog was to eliminate health hazards. They also endeavored to increase the dog’s stamina and overall size.

This dog is a registered breed within the Designer Dogs Kennel club and American Canine Hybrid Club among many others. The Frechton is referred to by many names including:

Faux French Bulldog
Faux Frenchbo Bulldog
Boston Frenchie; and

Frenchton Health Concerns

It is important to note that all bulldogs have health issues worth taking note of regardless of whether they are a mix of breeds. This trait has been noted in American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs.

The most common health issue that faces Frenchtons is in regards to their respiratory system. This is because their short snout makes it hard for them to breath in the heat, and after exercising.

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Additionally, it is important to note that this breed is incapable of handling extreme temperatures: cold or hot.

Frenchtons that are not active are prone obesity; naturally, these dogs do not enjoy going out, but taking them out for a walk greatly improves their health.

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Health Maintenance

As a Frenchton owner, it is important that you regularly check your dog’s eyes for infections. This infection is commonly referred to as cherry eye.

This infection causes the dog’s eyes to bulge out of their sockets. You should also check your dog for gum and teeth disease, skin wrinkles and skin disease. The dogs require to be brushed on a weekly basis because their coat is dense and thick.

Cleaning a Frenchton is quite easy. All you need to do is to clean the body and face using a wash cloth or baby wipes.

In regard to the dog’s diet, the Frenchton requires high quality dry-foods, which need to be measured during all meal times in order to avoid underfeeding and overfeeding.

According to research, two cups of food are sufficient for the Frenchton on a daily basis. Last but not least, a well taken care of Frenchton is capable of living between 12-15 years.

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Characteristics of the Frenchton

This dog is considered by many to be a companion dog. They are loved for their playful and energetic personalities. According to Frenchton owners, the character of this dog can be described as loyal, energetic, intelligent and friendly.

However, training them can be a strenuous task. This is because of the stubbornness of the French bulldog. Frenchtons love and crave human attention.

They enjoy tummy rubs and cuddles from children and adults alike. Due to their friendly nature, Frenchtons are not the best guard dogs. The ideal owner of this dog is someone who stays home constantly.

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In appearance, Frenchtons can be described as chunky meat balls. The dog’s muscular body is a result of its French bulldog heritage. A fully grown Frenchton weighs between 15-25 pounds.

Additionally, the dog’s coat colors range from brown, fawn, cream, white, black to bridle.