German Shepherd Lab Mix : Color, Behavior, And Breed

German shepherd lab mix ? The German shepherd, as the name suggests, is a breed of a cross between a purebred Labrador and a purebred German shepherd. It’s also called Sheprador or Lab shepherd mix. Let’s look at the history of the two breeds;

Labrador breed

This was first bred in Newfoundland, Canada. It was famous as a family pet. This was founded after mating of the small dogs used for waterfowl hunting with the Newfoundland. The dog was used for hunting and service.

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German shepherd breed

The breed was first bred in Germany. It was developed as the perfect herding or guide dog since it was strong enough to face tough conditions. As a result, it became one of the most famous military police dogs or guard dogs and also service dogs.
Morphological appearance of the German shepherd lab mix

The breed is medium to a large-sized dog weighing up to 88 pounds. It’s shoulder height measures 26 inches tall hence the dog is relatively large.

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Colors of the German shepherd lab mix

Genetically, the puppies more closely resemble either a combination of their parents’ traits or one of their parents. This may be solid-colored or may resemble the shepherd color with its characteristic black markings on the face, back, and legs. It may also resemble its Labrador parent, where its coat color is dependent on the Labrador parent’s coat color. Traditionally it might be black or have traditional German shepherd markings.

As previously stated, its coat depends on the two parents or either of the parents. White, yellow, chocolate, or black German shepherd lab mix might have its Labrador parent’s short coat or German shepherd medium or long coat. The two parents have a double coat, which means there is a soft undercoat beneath the rough top coat. This calls for a minimum of weekly grooming due to its dense double coat.

german shepherd lab mix

The breed’s temperament can only be investigated by considering its parents. Let’s look at the temperament of its parents.

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German shepherd dogs

The dogs are not aggressive. In that case, it needs to be adequately trained. Proper socialization of the dog is recommended for the potentiality of the dog’s loyalty.

Labrador dogs

These are normally good-natured and sometimes excitable dogs. However, they resemble human face, which may intimidate humans in a case which the German shepherd lab mix takes after the Labrador dog.

How do you train your German shepherd lab mix?
German shepherd lab mix dogs are found to be intelligent and active. Therefore, you might find a clever puppy that requires some lots of physical and mental stimulation daily to maintain its activity.

Here are some of the best training methods you can use for your dog;
• Change the way the dog behaves in response to specific triggers. These triggers are your commands or cues like “sit” and maybe signals like whistling and hand signals.
• Reward your dog when it gets your response right. This will make it love doing it because of the reward.
• Manipulate your training sessions to enable the dog to get it right over and over again easily.

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Note that the training used should include the positive reinforcement methods which have the following key benefits.

 There is impulse control as there is no force used in training the dog.

 It is fast; a good example here is by rewarding the dog when it gets it right rather than punishing it on what it does wrong.

 There is a creation of a strong bond between you and the dog. Dogs are believed to be highly social animals. This is by hunting as a team, keeping each other warm, defending the group and home base. This also enables humans and dogs to function as a team.

 It is a calm trainer. Some dogs are patient and naturally calm during training; hence may not be able to learn things at a faster means.

In conclusion, the German shepherd lab mix is good family dogs if proper management is given to them. The important point to note is that the health status of their parents should be tested to found out what diseases they may transmit to their offspring.

A german shepherd lab or german shepherd cross has double coats and are considered popular dog breeds. It is a designer dog that need mental stimulation and also a vacuum cleaner due to the excessive amount of shedding.

A mixed breed dog that needs positive reinforcement and will make a great family member to any family. It is a cross breed as well the german shepherd dog may sometimes has health issues and is easy to train.

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It is a solid color and the shepherd lab mix puppy also has health problems as well. They come from german shepherd parents and the german shepherd labrador mix could potentially have destructive behavior which is why you would want to ensure they are properly trained.