German Shepherd Pitbull Mix : What Are They About ?

German shepherd pitbull mix ? Are you a dog lover? Many individuals love to keep the animal and its company as they can be very loving besides providing security for your home.

One of the dog breeds that are mostly kept for security is the Pitbulls. These breeds of dogs are characterized by extreme aggressiveness and strength. The well-built physique appearance of the dogs distinguishes its uniqueness and makes it’s a serious protective dog to keep.

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Although, Pitbulls can pose serious danger sometimes hence are banned from being kept in some places. This, therefore, can be a reason some individuals prefer to breed them with other dogs coming up with new breeds such as the German Shepherd.

The German shepherd pit bull is a hybrid dog. It is a mix between the German Shepherd and the pit bull. Breeders hoped to mix a dog that provides the characteristics of both classic dogs.

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Breeders wanted to mix a dog that had the faithfulness of the German Shepherd with the command of the Pitbull. The characteristics of a hybrid dog will not always match the features of the parent.

By observing the dog, you can very much note that the breed, although an outcome of the two, has its unique characteristics. The hybrid dog is a beneficial guard dog and has a life expectancy of between 10 to 12 years. For one to understand the parent dogs, we should look at them individually.

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The German Shepard

The German Shepherd, just like its name, suggests originated in Germany hence the German part. The dog was used to guard enormous herds of sheep at the time, and this describes the shepherd part of the name.

The dog is beloved because of its loyalty, and the ability to protect when called need arises. However, the dog is not aggressive and often very friendly.

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Apart from being very loyal, the dog is highly intelligent and can distinguish things apart. The smart part of the dog makes it very easy to train and look after. German Shepherd loves the company of people as it is considered less aggressive hence a good partner in herding.

german shepherd pitbull mix

The Pit Bull

The Pit Bull originated from England. Breeders in 17th century England took part in fighting animals and therefore wanted a very aggressive dog, hence the pit bull.

The dog is dominant. The pit bull is strong and energetic; however, it does not make it behave that way to human beings. The pit bull is a huge dog and loves affection from human beings. The pit bull is comfortable around people but not other dogs or animals.

It can also be trained to offer protection and security in many situations or unique places and can adapt quickly.After reading the characteristics, the breeder wanted to make a mix of a loyal yet aggressive dog, an intelligent, social guard dog.

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The appearance of the German Shepherd pitbull

The German shepherd pitbull, also known as the German Pit, is a massive dog. Although it is a crossbreed between a German a pit bull, the dog looks more like the pit bull. A full-grown German Pit can weigh more than 30 kilograms and can grow more than 20 inches in height. The German Pit has a thick coat.


The dog is aggressive to people it is used to and even more offensive to other animals and therefore needs to be trained to deal with these kinds of situations. The dynamic nature of the dog makes it hard to train and control.

The owner needs to be very firm so that they can prepare the dog. The dog also needs frequent exercise because it is prone to hip dysplasia because of the shorter legs. The dog also loves being around people, especially after it is appropriately trained. The training of the dog cannot be stressed enough. The crossbreed is very powerful, and if not trained well can be dangerous to people and even children.

The crossbreed is very big and cannot live in a small house. It also requires regular grooming. Once you successfully train the dog, you will have a pretty aggressive guard dog and a loyal companion.

Your family members can appreciate a short muzzle as it can be used as a guard dog as long as it has high quality. Parent breeds should have positive reinforcement since it is mixed with an american pitbull terrier, these dog breeds are a working dog they can live as long as 12 years may even longer as the german shepherd mix. There is a degree of high intelligence with these dogs you need to be careful of aggressive behavior also make sure they don’t have hip dysplasia also ensure they have a good training and socialization program.