German Shepherd Pitbull Mix : What Are They About ?

German shepherd pitbull mix ? Are you a dog lover? Many individuals love to keep the animal and its company as they can be very loving besides providing security for your home.

One of the dog breeds that are mostly kept for security is the Pitbulls. These breeds of dogs are characterized by extreme aggressiveness and strength. The well-built physique appearance of the dogs distinguishes its uniqueness and makes it’s a serious protective dog to keep.

A German Shepherd Pitbull mix is a cross between the German Shepard breed and a Pitbull Terrier. These breeds are often misunderstood but they can make some cute puppies. There are some tips on how to care for this breed and how to keep them happy and healthy.

Pit Bull Breed at a Glance

This breed is not as popular as it once was. Many animal experts and activists feel that this is due to the bans on Pitbulls. There are many cities and towns that do not allow people to own this breed. While this is slowly changing there are still bans. These dogs make great companions and they are protective of their owner. The dog can weigh between 30 and 90 pounds depending on the size of the parents. The dog is energetic and loyal. They may be aggressive if they feel that their owner is threatened.

Pit Bull And German Shepherd Mix : History of the Breed

The German Shepherd was bred for herding and to be a service dog for the owners. The German Shepherd needed something to help them stand up to the cold climates in Europe and the long workday. This breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1908 and become popular working with the police and in the military.

The Pitbull is a breed from England and Ireland. This dog was a cross between a bulldog and a terrier so it would be bold and athletic. This breed was used to help with hunts. They would practice fighting a bear or a bull. Their jaws were then developed to have a firm grip. In the United States farmers used this done to round up livestock. This bully breed also became pets. These dogs still have excellent agility.

These dogs were bred so that people can have a dog that was able to work and put in a long day while meeting the physical demands that were needed. When put together these dogs are strong and they will not tire easily. They have high energy levels and increased physical strength.

Pitbull Shepherd Mix What Are The Facts ?

The German Shepherd Pitbull mix is not too common of a breed. The pitbull is not recognized by the AKC. In 1989 it was recognized by the United Kennel Club. These mixed dogs do not have a standard appearance and they can take features from either parent. More than likely they are going to be big and heavy.

German Shepherd Pit Mix Appearance

While some dogs may be on the smaller size the average size for the German Shepherd pitbull is between 80 and 90 pounds. Both of the breeds are large dogs so there is no reason why they are not going to produce larger dogs. The dog is usually range between 17 and 24 inches in height. The dogs will also be strong and may need someone that is able to control them.

Pitbull Shepherd Mix Coat and Coloring

With mixed breed dogs, there is no one specific color or coat they are going to have. There are some general guidelines. The mixed breeds may look like one parent or they can have features of both. The puppies can have a solid coat with pointed ears. They can also have any color combination. These dogs often have a medium length double coat. The undercoat is soft while the coat on top may have a rough feeling. They may also have shorter hair. It will depend on genetics.

German Shepherd Pitbull Temperament

Both breeds have negative stereotypes associated with them. Both of these dog breeds may be seen as aggressive and ready to attack other animals or humans. Pitbulls and German Shepherds can be loyal and loving pets. They need to be treated right. Puppies are not born aggressive. It will be hard to tell exactly how the dog will turn out.

The pitbull can be strong and stubborn. The puppy will need proper socialization and they will need to be trained around other animals and humans. German Shepards are known for their intelligence. While both breeds are given a bad reputation it will depend on the training the puppy receives. If they are socialized from an early age they are less likely to become aggressive.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Puppy Training

Since this been has been known to suffer from hip dysplasia it is important to take steps to keep the dog at a healthy weight. If the dog becomes obese or overweight it is more likely to develop this condition. The dog will need to be walked and they will need daily exercise. They need attention too and they will need a family that will play with them. Both breeds have high energy.

The Shepard Pitbull will be best in a yard where they will have the room to run around. They will not do well in a smaller apartment. They will also not do well when they are put in a crate for a long period of time. They will need to have the opportunity to play and be around other people and dogs.

Dogs That Look Like Pit Bulls : What Is The Grooming Process ?

If the dog gets the coat from the German Shepherd they will need to brush often. They will shed a little more during the changing of the season. If they get the coat from the pitbull they will only need occasional brushing.

German Pitbull Health

The puppies may get the same health issues as their parents. Some common issues that impact this mixed breed include hip dysplasia, eye conditions, dental diseases, allergies, and skin irritations. The owner will need to be aware of these conditions and get their dog regular vet care.

German Shepherd Pitbull Lab Mix Life Expectancy

The German Shepherd lives on average 11 years. The Pitbull breed lives on average 11 to 13 years. This means that their puppies will live on average 11 to 12 years. This may vary by the care the dog receives and other factors.

Pitbull Dog Mix : Things to Look at

When a person is looking at owning a German Shephard Pitbull mix there are some things they are going to need to consider. This mix may become aggressive with unfamiliar dogs. They will need a strong trainer and will need a lot of socialization. They may be prone to some health issues. A person has to be willing to put their time in with the pet and treat them as a member of the family. There are many benefits to owing to this mixed breed. They like to play and will be great for an active family. The dog is loyal and they will protect their owners and their home. They are even good with children.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Full Grown Affection ?

This mixed breed loves attention. They will want to show their owners how much they are loved. These dogs will love to cuddle. If they are properly trained they are even gentle with children. They are eager to please and will want the owners to be proud of them. It will take a strong person to train them as they are stubborn at times.

German Shepherd Pitbull Puppies Intelligence ?

These dogs can understand basic commands. Even puppies that are a few weeks old will learn some of the more basic commands. It is important to train them as young as possible. If a person does rescue a dog that may be a little older they can still train them. The dog will respond best to positive reinforcement, patience, and an owner that is consistent.

Shepherd Pit Feeding ?

Since these dogs can be big it important that a person can afford to feed them. Like any other dog, this mixed breed will need a balanced diet. Since the dog is high energy they will need plenty of calories to allow them to have this energy. The dog should not be fed foods that are high in fats as they can overeat and may be prone to becoming obese. The bed should be fed several times a day to avoid bloating from one big meal.

Half Pitbull Half German Shepherd : What Are Their Lifestyle ?

These dogs are going to need attention and affection. They will not do well if they are alone most of the day. If these dogs are left alone for a long time they may bark or chew on things they are not supposed to. They will need at least 90 minutes of exercise a day. This can be going for a walk, spending time in the yard, or playing. They are going to need mental stimulation as well.

The dogs do have a loud bark so this is something to be aware of. If they are left alone for too long they may bark out of frustration or loneliness. This mixed breed may always be open to being around other dogs. They may be territorial so be cautious if there is another dog or another pet in the home.

When a person is looking for a good dog that loves to play and will be loyal the German Shepard Pitbull is a well mixed breed to have. While both breeds have gotten a bad reputation they are good dogs as long as they have good owners. This mixed breed will be the large size but they will be high energy and will be valued members of the family.

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Although, Pitbulls can pose serious danger sometimes hence are banned from being kept in some places. This, therefore, can be a reason some individuals prefer to breed them with other dogs coming up with new breeds such as the German Shepherd.

The German shepherd pit bull is a hybrid dog. It is a mix between the German Shepherd and the pit bull. Breeders hoped to mix a dog that provides the characteristics of both classic dogs.

Best Food For German Shepherd Puppy : Yum Yum

Breeders wanted to mix a dog that had the faithfulness of the German Shepherd with the command of the Pitbull. The characteristics of a hybrid dog will not always match the features of the parent.

By observing the dog, you can very much note that the breed, although an outcome of the two, has its unique characteristics. The hybrid dog is a beneficial guard dog and has a life expectancy of between 10 to 12 years. For one to understand the parent dogs, we should look at them individually.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Canine : Hallmarks And Tone

The German Shepard Pit

The German Shepherd, just like its name, suggests originated in Germany hence the German part. The dog was used to guard enormous herds of sheep at the time, and this describes the shepherd part of the name.

The dog is beloved because of its loyalty, and the ability to protect when called need arises. However, the dog is not aggressive and often very friendly.

Husky And German Shepherd Mix : Training And Aggression

Apart from being very loyal, the dog is highly intelligent and can distinguish things apart. The smart part of the dog makes it very easy to train and look after. German Shepherd loves the company of people as it is considered less aggressive hence a good partner in herding.

german shepherd pitbull mix

The Pit Bull

The Pit Bull originated from England. Breeders in 17th century England took part in fighting animals and therefore wanted a very aggressive dog, hence the pit bull.

The dog is dominant. The pit bull is strong and energetic; however, it does not make it behave that way to human beings. The pit bull is a huge dog and loves affection from human beings. The pit bull is comfortable around people but not other dogs or animals.

It can also be trained to offer protection and security in many situations or unique places and can adapt quickly.After reading the characteristics, the breeder wanted to make a mix of a loyal yet aggressive dog, an intelligent, social guard dog.

German Shepherd Pitbull is also known as the German Sheppit, German Pit, or Shepherd Pit. German shepherd Pitbull mix is a crossbreed between American pit bull terrier siring with a German shepherd {dam}. These dogs are not popular like other breeds since they surfaced in early 2000; therefore, it is rare to find a new puppy, not unless you visit rescue shelters where you can easily find them. GSDP is believed to be aggressive, which makes it to be a perfect guard dog. With proper training and socialization with people, they become very affectionate and loyal to people and other dogs.

History and the Origin of GSDP

As mentioned above, the GSDP is a crossbreed sired from both American pit bull terrier and the German shepherd {dam}, but tracing the parents’ breeds of GSDP, you will find so interesting. German shepherd {GSD} originated from German, and it was anciently used as a service and herding dog due to its adaptability to handle brutal conditions. Then, in America, they eventually came into popularity in the early 1900 as military, police, and service work dog due to their intelligence, agility, courage, confidence, loyalty, and trainability.

Contrarily, the American pit bull Terrier {APBT} has ancestral roots from England, Scotland, and Ireland. Anciently they were used for bull-baiting and hunting because they have powerful jaws and masculine, making them good for grasping. However, when they landed in the United States, they were commonly used by farmers and ranchers for herding, hunting, and pets.

Since the GSDP mix is a crossbreed between SDP and APBT, the puppy will likely take more trait from one of the parent breeds over the other, but it is not surprisingly the breed will have strong physiques and aggressiveness, which is inherited from both parents and is more likely to have the face of the Pitbull, with a broad head and a short muzzle.

Physical Characteristics of GSDP Mix

The physical characteristic of the GSDP depends on the gene each puppy will receive from the parent. However, the physical appearance will favor the Pitbull side; thus, she will have a broad/large head, folded-over ears, and short muzzle, or it may possess a longer snout like the GSD depending on who is the more dominant parent. In terms of physique, the GSDP has a large and muscular body when fully grown, and a male one weighs between 40-90lbs with a height ranging from 46-66cm tall, while the female one will weigh between 30-70lbs with a height ranging from 43-61cm.

The GSDP coat is medium in length, thick and dense, and they moderately shed, which makes them thrive well in warmer climates, but the shedding is not ideal for people who are allergic to dander. Most of the German pit will come in various colors from tan, fawn, white, black, gray, or multi-colored, while others may inherit the brindle coats from the Pitbull parents.

GSDP Mix temperament and personality characteristics

When it comes to temperament, GSDP is likely to possess her parent’s traits making her very intelligent, confident, loyal, playful, and energetic, but very aggressive and territorial at times. However, if well trained and socialized, it eliminates their distrust and affection and loyalty to their family members.

When they get bored, the possibility of chewing things is high, and they do not do well on their own for a long period, like the German shepherd. Therefore, it should not be left inactive since they are energetic, meaning they will need a lot of training, attention, and commitment to her. The dog will be loving and easy to take care of with the correct owner, who understands the GSDP temperament and personality, unlike it is negatively perceived to be too aggressive and dangerous.

Furthermore, GSDP does have a dominant personality and may try to be the Alpha dog to others. To cub this trait, you will have to raise with other pets to enhance how to coordinate, be friendly, and co-exist with them. You are required to train and socialize her with the environment to naturally make her friendly and affectionate to pets, visitors, and be the perfect companion for children.

Since kids are playful, which will help her be active and less aggressive in behavior, it helps it be a well-mannered family member. To initiate her into socialization is by taking her to doggy daycare, puppy classes, dog-friendly parks, neighborhood walks. However, it would help if you were patient with her while in those places because it will take time to adapt to the environmental changes.

How to Train GSDP Mix

Since the GSDP originates from two viable and independent breeds, they are very intelligent and energetic, making them generally very stubborn when bored or lack company. If you are a first-timer with them, you will find yourself in difficulties. When they are bored or inactive, they exhibit unruly and destructive behavior like hole-digging, chewing anything, and barking excessively. Therefore, due to their robust physique and energy, they will need plenty of exercises, at least 90 minutes of exercise daily to release excess energy and keep them in an excellent mental and physical state.

The best way to start training German Sheppit is when they are still young at the age of seven weeks old because they are very easy to control her and be fond of you as his Alpha. After all, waiting to train her when she is an adult dog will be very difficult to train her as she possesses a certain stubbornness level.

Waiting to train her at an adult age, you will need to be firm and confident, or else he will try to control you. Still, all in all, you will need to be patient and no try to give in. however, you can make her learn quickly by frequent socialization and introducing positive reinforcement through treats and praise rather than punishing her.

Training the German Shepherd involves intense exercises like running, romping in the park, swimming, play some fetch, and let him catch a Frisbee for a brain workout. But if you hate running, riding a bicycle along with her will also be fair justice for her by holding on to your dog’s leash while letting him run beside you.

In case you are doing the same for the puppy, remember to keep it slow with her because her legs are shorter and not yet fully developed, but as time you can increase the speed as long as he can keep up with you. Training German Sheppit will boost their memory, decreases stress levels, and stimulates her mentally to prevent them from being distractive, less aggressive, disciplined, and prevents them from developing hip dysplasia.

How to feed GSDP Mix

Before you start feeding your puppy, it is essential to seek professional advice from the vet to ensure the meals you are feeding the GSDP cover all essential nutrients with an appropriate amount of protein and calories to keep them healthy. German Shepherd Pitbull mix requires a high caloric intake, fatty acid, and protein. They don’t like meals with less protein in them; therefore, they get most of the calories from the dietary fats, which also have fatty acids essential for keeping their coat shiny and healthy.

In case you adopt a puppy, you should stick with the food the breeder used to feed him to avoid stomach upset. However, you are not limited to change his diet but be aware of the stomach upsets. A puppy should be fed four times a day, but as she grows, you need to change to 3 meals a day to avoid bloating, and you should also try to avoid wet and canned foods since they can cause irritable bowel syndrome in dogs.

Besides, it would help if you also refrain from feeding her filler ingredients because they are high in carbs and harmful. Avoid giving her too many treats and leftovers; instead, feed her high-quality ingredients that are well balanced with proteins, calories, and fatty acids.

Once they are mature, how much you feed them depends on their weight and exercise; hence, the bigger the dog is, the more you will feed her, for instance; for 30-40lbs GSDP, you will feed a rough estimate of 1.5 cups of kibble and 2.5cups for 50-60lbs. However, it is recommendable to supply a male GSDP Mix with about 1200-2700 calories daily while the female one is between 900-2100 calories meaning they require 30 calories per pound of his weight. Still, many brands will have a feeding guide listed on their product based on size and activity. Furthermore, you should avoid over-feeding them because obesity is a common problem with this breed to avoid hip dysplasia and do not feed your dog with human food since many are not safe for the canines.

How much grooming does a German Shepherd Pit Bull need?

GSDP is one of the dog breeds that require low to medium maintenance because they possess a short coat and they moderately shed compared to other breeds. However, before you start grooming your GSDP Mix, it is good to check if the puppy’s coat resembles their GSD or Pitbull parent. In case it resembles that of a German Shepherd, it is essential for regular brushing, but if it takes after the Pitbull, it is not such a big deal because it will unlikely for her to shed often. Secondly, it is recommendable for you to start grooming her while she is younger to avoid aggression or fear towards grooming routines in the future.

The grooming routine should include brushing the coat and dental to make her comfortable and healthy. When it comes to brushing her fur, you should do it once a month using a hard bristle brush to remove the shedding hairs and keep her coat shiny and healthy. It would help if you bathed her weekly during the shedding season and once a month on the offset shedding season to prevent irritation. While bathing her, please use a mild-shampoo soap and ensure to rinse the coat to get rid of the shampoo residues. It would help if you avoided bathing and over-brushing her to avoid stripping the natural oils, keeping her coat and skin soft and glossy.

Due to her bent or flopped ears, which reduces air circulation and can increase the risks of ear infections, you are required to clean and wipe her ears once a weak and trim her nails by yourself every week, but if you are not used to doing it then you should take to the groomer to keep her paws hygienic and healthy. Lastly, you should brush her teeth thrice a week and visit the vet once a month for dental checks to decrease the possibility of unwanted dental treatment.

What are the common health problems with GSDP Mix?

The GSDP Mix is a crossbreed from both vigor parent with an indomitable origin and background that can live for up to 12 years with proper diet, exercise, and vaccination, but it doesn’t mean they are not susceptible to certain health issues. Therefore, it is vital to request the history of the dog’s parents, and you should consider purchasing from a reputable breeder to avoid future inconveniences. So far, GSDP is prone to the following diseases:

Hip Dysplasia

This is a condition inherited from both parents since GSD and APBT are prone to this condition, which is a situation whereby the hip joint becomes unstable or loose as they grow due to overweight issues. However, this condition is manageable if you avoid over-feeding her to avoid stressing the hip joint, avoid feeding her many carbs because this breed gains a lot of weight faster, and regularly train/ exercise her.

Skin irritation

German Shep is prone to skin irritation inherited from the Pitbull parent because they have a sensitive skin issue that reacts strongly to insect or parasite bites like fleas, ticks, bedbugs, and many more. As mentioned, maintaining regular grooming, using mild-shampoo soaps, and high-quality tick and flea treatment will reduce the chances of her skin against irritation. Furthermore, feeding her the right and well-balanced diet like Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can help improve the health of your dog’s skin and coat while reducing inflammation.

Degenerative myelopathy

This is a neurological disorder that affects the GSDP when they are about 7 or 8 years of age, which progressively affects the dog and completely paralyzes her in the hind end.

Gastric dilation and volvulus

This is when the stomach swells and can greatly affect the blood supply to the stomach, liver, and spleen and further disrupt the heart. This disease is not hereditary, but it is common in deep-chested dogs, especially large breeds like GSDP.

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

This is when the dog does not gain weight and may experience diarrhea due to insufficient secretion of enzymes to digest food. This disease is common in puppies.

Atopic Dermatitis

The Pitbull parent is well known for allergic reactions such as Atopic Dermatitis, a condition of skin inflammatory induced by mold spores and grass. To avoid dermatitis, you have to ensure that that their niche is clean and control the pests.

Other common health concerns to watch out for in your GSDP are;

• Patellar luxation
• Bladder stones
• Epilepsy
• Parvo
• Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
• Von Willebrand’s disease

How much will it cost to own this crossbreed?

German Shep, as mentioned above, is not very easy to find, but you can easily get them from a reputable breeder, or you can visit Next Day Pets, Lancaster Puppies, Puppy Find, Greenfield Puppies, and Mittelwest. These good breeding homes sell puppies with unique characteristics, and they ensure that they have done screening on their puppies, and they will also provide you with their parenting background history. The cost of GSDP is approximately between $400-$800, with other expenses included, like blood testing, neutering, collaring, leash, chipping, and crate. However, if you want to adopt an adult German Sheppit, you can pay a visit to Petfinder, East TN Pitbull Rescue, ASPCA Adoption Center, and Adopt-A-Pet.

When you bring her to your home, make sure you have introduced your puppy too small children and highlight and teach them the basic rules of handling her for the dog and the children to familiarize, interact and become nest friends to make her disciplined less tempered. However, you should note that GSDP Mix are not suitable for apartment living due to their high energy level; therefore you should provide for her a nice spacious backyard where they will be free and be active.

Advantages of German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

• She is protective of their family
• This breed is extremely loyal and bonds with the children very well.
• She loves attention and wants to be around people
• He is very intelligent and affectionate.
• He is a good athlete.
• Requires little maintenance.
• Requires a lot of exercises and mental stimulation, making her the best teammate.

Disadvantages of German Shepherd Mix

• This breed is prone to separation anxiety
• She is good in homes without pets
• She is territorial towards other animals.
• He is not ideal for apartment dwellers
• Requires consistent training
• Not appropriate for people who travel a lot.

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Final Words

Generally, the German Shepherd Pitbull Mix is one of the best dogs to own in your home. However, before you decide to own one, you should be ready to stay committed and hardworking to keep up with her behavior since she only becomes your best friend to your family if well trained, socialized, and fed.

The appearance of the German Shepherd pitbull

The German shepherd pitbull, also known as the German Pit, is a massive dog. Although it is a crossbreed between a German a pit bull, the dog looks more like the pit bull. A full-grown German Pit can weigh more than 30 kilograms and can grow more than 20 inches in height. The German Pit has a thick coat.


The dog is aggressive to people it is used to and even more offensive to other animals and therefore needs to be trained to deal with these kinds of situations. The dynamic nature of the dog makes it hard to train and control.

The owner needs to be very firm so that they can prepare the dog. The dog also needs frequent exercise because it is prone to hip dysplasia because of the shorter legs. The dog also loves being around people, especially after it is appropriately trained. The training of the dog cannot be stressed enough. The crossbreed is very powerful, and if not trained well can be dangerous to people and even children.

The crossbreed is very big and cannot live in a small house.  It also requires regular  grooming. Once you successfully train the dog, you will have a pretty aggressive guard dog and a loyal companion.

Your family members can appreciate a short muzzle as it can be used as a guard dog as long as it has high quality. Parent breeds should have positive reinforcement since it is mixed with an american pitbull terrier, these dog breeds are a working dog they can live as long as 12 years may even longer as the german shepherd mix. There is a degree of high intelligence with these dogs you need to be careful of aggressive behavior also make sure they don’t have hip dysplasia also ensure they have a good training and socialization program.