Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppies : 5 Amazing Traits

Giant alaskan malamute puppies ? Large dogs have become popular in recent years, with more people preferring to own large dogs compared to their small counterparts.

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In the past, large dogs were bred for specific purposes such as hunting, protection, retrieving hunted game, as in the case of golden retrievers and any more reasons.

The Alaskan malamute, for instance, was used to pull heavy sleds and help people move from one point to the other in the harshest of weather. However, these days, this dog is kept for its beauty as not many can resist its beautiful fluffy coat.

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The Giant Alaskan Malamute puppies are naturally bred, which means us humans have not done anything to alter their existence. It takes patients to own an Alaskan puppy as it will take time for it to warm up to you and for you to win its heart. The patience is worth it as they become incredibly loyal and loving towards you once you win over their hearts.

giant alaskan malamute puppies


While they are still puppies, it is essential to socialize them, especially if they’ll be small kids around the puppies or other dogs. Failure to train them on living with kids or other animals may make them aggressive.

A well-socialized or trained puppy makes a perfect or ideal family pet. Dogs have boundaries, too, just as humans do. Learning what they are and teaching the people around your puppy to respect them makes for a perfect environment for your puppy to comfortably live.

The Alaskan malamute breed of dog is a strong one. As puppies, these babies are packed full of energy, and they love to play all day. Physically they need a lot of activity and exercise to keep them occupied and redirect all the energy in the right place.

They initially are working dogs, and that trait isn’t lost just because they are a family pet. They always need to work and be kept occupied. Taking your dog on a long walk like a hike will keep them physically engaged. Start an exercise routine for them while puppies, and when they get bigger, make the exercises more advanced.

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There is a lot of shedding of their fur coat around a year and a half to when they are two years old. The shedding happens seasonally, and it can be extreme, which means they shed a lot of furs.

The male malamute sheds lesser than the female, but the female’s excessive shedding can be controlled through spaying, which helps regulate the hormones responsible for the shedding.

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Due to their beautiful fur coats, they need regular grooming. Regular grooming means daily brushing of the fur. The daily brushing of fur protects the dog from infections that might arise from the matting.

Frequent baths are essential for the malamute as it keeps the ‘dog smell’ at bay and reduces the amount of shedding your puppy might go through.

Malamutes are intelligent. This exceptional quality is good, but it can also make them hard to handle if not adequately trained. The dog has a need to understand who the boss is, and if they aren’t trained to know that you are the boss, they might take that role, and it would be nearly impossible to control. It is essential that training starts as they are puppies because trust me; you do not want a giant untrained dog as your family pet.

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The malamute dog is prone to health complications and especially those that affect large dogs such as joint issues. Some of the ailments that affect dogs at the joints are hip and elbow dysplasia. These diseases will mostly affect them in their old age, and thus the owner should expect it as a possibility. Regular exercises for your dog lower the likelihood or chances of them getting affected.

Despite them being a bit high maintenance, Alaskan malamute puppies make the best pets. Ensure that they are well trained and well-exercised, and you’ll have a gem on your hands. These dogs are incredibly loyal, and they always want to be around their owners. They also make great companions and playmates for small children. An alaskan malamute breeder will possess giant alaskan malamute, they will normally have these alaskan malamute puppies for sale, giant malamutes are known as working dogs.