Girl Dog Names That Start With R : 5 You Can Use

Girl dog names that start with r ? A family pet is just that – an integral part of the family. Because of this, it’s essential to name your family pet in a way that you feel best represents them (and that they best respond to).

Doing this can be just as hard as naming a newborn child, with differing opinions and multiple sources to look into. That’s why this article is all about girl dog names that start with R! Five popular girl dog names that start with R will be listed below with a bit of information about each name. See if one catches your eye!

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Originally a Hebrew name meaning “ewe” or “female sheep,” the name Rachel gained great popularity in the 1980’s and has been a common name ever since, not just for female children but for female dogs as well.

This is a more average name, definitely more popular and easier to understand than some of the others on the list, but whether it’s the right name for your dog depends on their personality and your tastes. German shepherd is a boy dog but sometimes have a girl name.


This name is a bit stranger than the first, but certainly more interesting. Meanings of this name include helpful friend, queen, and strong counselor. This name has only been popular in the last decade, so it will certainly be more unique, and has been reported to have fun nicknames like “Ray,” “RayneDrop” and “Raynebow” that you can use freely on your pet.

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girl dog names that start with r


This name can be spelled with either one or two “t”s, with the most common spelling being Rita. This name has dropped in popularity in the last few decades since it’s peak in the 1920’s, but like most things from that time period, is likely to make a comeback and would be a unique name choice for your dog.

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Rita comes from either the Spanish Margarita (meaning pear) or the Italian Margherita (meaning pearl). Spelling does not change the way Rit(t)a is pronounced.

Rox(y)ie or Roxanne

Like the name above, this name can either be spelled as Roxy or as Roxie, and the way it is spelled does not change the way it sounds – it is simply a matter of personal preference. It is the shortened version of the name Roxanne, which is believed to be from the Persian name Roschana (meaning dawn of day).

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While Rox(y)ie is an unpopular name, the name Roxanne has been popular since it’s peak in the 1950s. You can name your dog Roxanne and use Rox(y)ie as a nickname, or you can simply name her Rox(y)ie alone.


Rose or Rosie

The name Rose brings first to mind the flower, but it was actually the shortened version of old German names in the Middle Ages that had “hros” or “ros” (meaning horse) in the name. As flower names started being used in the 19th century, the name Rose came to symbolize the flower in meaning. A female dog can be named Rose or Rosie depending on personal preference (Rosie is reported to be more “cute” and is more common for smaller dogs, for instance).

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Now you know a few names that have risen and fallen in popularity since the 1900s! It’s time to look at what names might hold special meaning for you and your dog. Choosing wisely can give your dog a spunky, sweet, or dangerous personality.