Golden Retriever Husky Mix : What Is This Dog About ?

Golden retriever husky mix ? Most Americans appreciate having pets, with 89.7 million dogs owned across the country. Interestingly, more and more people are now going for dogs, with the golden retriever husky mix being among the most common ones today.

Ideally, this is a product of combining two athletic as well as friendly breeds, which are the Siberian Husky and the Golden Retriever. It is in this light that it prides itself on lots of energy as well as sociability.

Most people refer to it as the Goberian. But why is the golden retriever husky mix becoming more popular? Well, unless we are conversant with some of the critical elements that these dogs portray, it will be hard to conclude on the same. As such, we explore a few things that might help in sparking your interest in them.

Facts about the Golden Retriever Husky Mix

• Golden Retrievers are appealing

In most cases, these dogs will often be either large or medium when fully grown. To that end, it will measure between 20 and 24 inches, and they weigh approximately 40 to 80 pounds. It also comes with a rounded head, a narrow muzzle, and drooping ears.

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While at it, you will witness that it comes with a dense and soft inner coat and a long, wavy outer coat. This coat is not only double but also appealing. You will find it in different colors, including grey, golden, black, and cream. What is more, you will fall in love with their soulful blue or brown eyes instantly.

• Temperament

As mentioned earlier, this dog is relatively friendly, and it will comfortably fit in any family. Besides, its intelligence, independence, playfulness, and an active lifestyle will make it a favorite for your children.

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Above all, they will always remain loyal to the family and could be suspicious of strangers. However, you do not need to worry about aggressiveness. Feel free to watch over this dog from time to time, as it could help in keeping them away from trouble.

• Not ideal for apartments

Most often, this dog prefers open places. An apartment could relatively limit the needed fun for such an active and independent pet. Besides, did you know that the curiosity that the Goberian comes with could compromise their safety?

To that end, it would be preferable to buy one if you have an open field around. While at it, you should remember how independent these pets are. Mostly, they will want to be alone yet active. Their double coat makes them suitable for cold seasons and places too. If you live in a moderately cold region, this should be your ultimate pet.

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golden retriever husky mix

• They could be vulnerable to some conditions

Typically, Goberians tend to be some of the healthiest dogs, thanks to their active nature. However, they often inherit various conditions from their parent breeds, which includes allergies. Perhaps, paying attention to their meals will come in handy for you.

Usually, you need to be wary of conditions such as joint dysplasia, eye problems, cancer, and heart complications. When choosing their meals, ensure that you pick something with no added salts. Instead, opt for those rich in omega-3 fatty acids, white meat, carrots, eggs, and spinach.

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As long as you take care of their nutrition and health, you will be confident of enjoying their company for the longest time. Let it be your focus.

Why you need the Goberian

Various benefits come with having this dog. A look into these aspects could help in building your interest in them. Usually, you will witness the following.

• These pets are relatively quick to learn. This way, you could consider training them for various tasks, including hunting, search and rescue missions, and even guarding. While at it, remember to start teaching them on obedience from relatively early.

• You could rely on them as exercise or jogging partners. Imagine going out jogging with no one to keep you company. It could be devastating. The playful and active nature of these dogs makes them ideal for such exercises.

• They are relatively affordable. More than often, these dogs will cost you between $250 and $1500. Regardless of how much you spend, you will be sure of value for your money.

In conclusion, you cannot ignore the company that the Golden Retriever Husky mixes offer. Their temperament alone is appealing. Why not get one for yourself?