Great Dane Cropped Ears: 2 Different Types

Great dane cropped ears ? Dogs are man’s best friends, and when they are in trouble, we ought to come out and help them. These animals are cute, especially the ears.

Dog ears are the most adorable feature, and they portray the facial feature while showing its alertness.

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Different dog breeds have different ear shapes and sizes. The Great Dane is a dog breed that has drooping ears, and as a result, ear cropping is done on them. It’s not only in the Great Dane but also on breeds such as Pitbulls, Dobermans, and Schnauzers.

For those who don’t know what ear cropping is, then here is the definition. Ear cropping is a veterinary procedure involving the surgery of the ear that consists of removal of a part or all of the pinnae. In short, the visible flap of the ear is surgically removed. After which the listener is pinned up to achieve the required pointed posture.

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The procedure is carried out when the dog is young, between 7 and 10 weeks old. If the process is done later than indicated, it will be painful and most likely to leave the dog with a lasting psychological trauma, not forgetting the scar that will not heal completely.

I know some are already worried that by doing so, you’re violating the animal’s rights, which can translate to a sort of animal cruelty. Because ear cropping has no significant impact on the well-being of the dog. And because of this, vets will refuse to undertake this procedure that’s illegal in countries like Australia and Canada.

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So how did the cropping start? The history behind it states that during ancient times in Europe, Great Dane was used as hunting dogs to hunt wild boars.

During hunting, many of the dogs would get injured during the hunt through biting off ears, cuts, or get torn while running in the thicket or by the boars’ tusks. As a result, it was decided that a part of the ear should be removed to minimize the damage during the hunting escapades.

The other reason is some believed that the flappy ears were prone to infections. The theory has not been proved, but the reality is if moisture is trapped on the canal of the ear, then it will cause an infection.

Today many croppings on the Great Dane ears is because of the look. It has become a more personal decision because we no longer hunt, and we have ways of caring for the ear canals.

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Many people prefer the short ears of the dogs because of their aesthetic look, and to add to that, sharp ears portray an athletic dog and aggressive appearance.

Different types of Great Dane ear crops are carried out.

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1. Show Crop

The show crop is both beautiful and elegant. In this procedure, the ears appear more extended and taller, but achieving this isn’t that simple because it requires a lot of procedure that’s wrapping and posting. If you don’t undertake the procedure as needed, the ears will not be erect.

2. Pet Crop

The pet crop is commonly known and is the one that is usually undertaken by a majority of people. It gives the dog a clean and pleasant appearance. To achieve this, the ear has to be posted for a long time so that they can stand by themselves.

Having known what needs to be known about the art of ear cropping in Great Dean dogs. The owner of the dog will now answer the question of cropping or not cropping. But the fact is the dog will still be nice looking, sharp and aggressive even though the ears are droopy the more natural the ears, the better the look.

I hope using the information that I have provided improves your ability to make the right choice when it comes to the cropping of the Great Danes ears.

Dog owners who has a personal preference natural ear pet crop will need at least 12 weeks of general anesthesia. Dog breeds with naturally floppy ears like a great dane ear dog shows signs of animal cruelty.

Wrapping and posting or cropping the ears can cause ear infections this can also happen to the doberman pinscher which ears usually stand erect for their dog ears. A dane ear cropping is like a wild boar that show crop.