Great Dane Pitbull Mix : 10 Things You Should Know

Great dane pitbull mix. You might have noticed from your observation, reading or internet search that the Great Dane Pit Bull mix is a breed many dog lovers are interested in. You are right on that. But what positives make this breed interesting and a favorite choice to these people? In fact, should you purchase this breed of dog? Consider the following facts about this amazing furry friend.

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What is the Great Dane Pit Bull Mix?


If you are new to dog breeds then this might be the best starting point. As the name rightly implies this is a mix of two great breeds: Great Dane and the American Pit Bull Terrier. The Dog Registry of America and the International Designer Canine Registry consider this as a mixed breed, not a pure breed.

With that background sorted out let’s delve into the more important pertinent issue: What are some of the most compelling positive things about this mixed-breed dog?

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great dane pitbull mix


Great Dane Pitbull Mix : 10 Amazing Characteristics 

1) A product of two amazing breeds with unique qualities

This might seem obvious but on closer look, you’ll see why this is a super-nice quality about these dogs. For one, mix-breeds are believed to possess more positives attributes attached to them than those associated with the individual breeds of their parents.

But then a mixed breed can end up with disastrous attributes if the parents have unpleasant attributes or the attributes are not the ones the dog owner is looking for. Such attributes include health, temperament, and lifespan. So coming from two breeds each with its own unique and positive attributes is a big plus for this mix. So what advantages do these attributes bring?

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These dogs are gentle giants with good training and socialization skills. Some of the health issues are hip dysplasia which can cause the dog hip to go out of place. As far as a great danebull could be many inches tall and properly trained. 

2) Great temperament and personality

This mix breed brings a blend of the two breeds of parents to your home. Yes, imagine having a ferocious-looking giant but who is a complete sweet pet in your abode. The Great Dane Pitbull mix is affectionate and friendly to people he loves and knows. Don’t be surprised if he is a bit wary of strangers and takes a little time to get comfortable with newcomers. That’s part of at he might have inherited from the APBT parent.

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3)Great attention seekers

Just like his parents, the progeny is such an attention seeker. If you want a dog that you can build meaningful bonds with this is the mix breed to go for. Seeking your attention and that of people he knows means it gives you the tie and opportunity to interact and share moments with this version of man’s best friend.

4) Highly People-oriented

Attention seeking is not necessarily a good thing; its only good when combined with this other positive attribute – they are highly people-oriented dogs. Yes, the Great Dane Pitbull mix will not just seek your attention out of selfish gains. Rather he tries very hard to please the owner – it’s almost like he feels indebted to you for accommodating him and making him part of your dog-caring family. This brings us to the next positive thing about these dogs.

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5) Highly trainable

Nothing can be better than having a do that is not just trainable but one that is eager to please you by acquiring the skills you want him to have. Yes, these lovable giants are great at acquiring the skills you cherish. You can train this dog easily by supporting the behaviors you want him to internalize by supporting such actions with rewards and treats. This way he’ll quickly learn how to play ball with you, take care of the baby, and wear a collar and leash for a visit to public places and so on.

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6) Size

If you have the space to accommodate him, say a spacious room or house and a backyard to match this dog will be your perfect partner. Granted it might be difficult to determine the actual size of any crossbreeds but be assured this offspring will be no small dog by any standards. So if you want a large dog but with humble and friendly disposition this is your perfect pet.

7) Good with kids as well as other dogs

Given its disposition, it’s not a wonder this crossbreed is renowned for its compatibility with children, other pets and most importantly children. So you don’t have to worry too much about finding a pets’ “third world war” or injuries and dog bites at home once you leave this amiable hulk with your kids and other pets.

8) Relatively quiet / Hardly barks

All dogs bark at times but some will bark at anything and nothing in particular. This is not a characteristic of the Great Dane Pitbull mix. Instead, these dogs don’t have barking as one of their hobbies. This makes such a dog an excellent companion if you live in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. However, be advised, when he barks on those occasional times, the bark is quite loud.

9) Deceptive appearance

This might sound funny but the dog’s ferocious and intimidating appearance is a positive thing if you want to present a façade of a “security” enhancer around you. However, you know pretty well this animal is quite friendly and largely harmless – until some nosy stranger tries to mess with the person(s) the dog holds dear.

10) Good Health and Life expectancy

Compared to other crossbreeds and pure breeds this dog enjoys good health overall. This potentially means fewer visits to the vet and lesser costs in medication. However, you still have the responsibility to provide the dog with adequate health care to avoid common dog-health problems such as:

• Bloating

• Obesity

• hip and elbow dysplasia

• heart problems

• development issues

• tumors among others

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With a life expectancy of around 10 to 14 years, this is a large dog you don’t expect to replace soon. Of course, this will depend on other factors such as the dog’s nutrition and general state of its health.

In a nutshell, the Great Dane Pitbull mix is adorable to have. It’s loving, trainable, children and pet-friendly and makes a super-nice companion for you and your entire family.

If you are looking for this kind of pet just save yourself the agony of searching any further. Get a Great Dane Pitbull mix and enjoy the company of one of the best dog mixes available anywhere. To keep this site going and earn advertising fees we are participant in the amazon program. This allow sites to earn advertising fees for the free content they publish. We earn advertising fees by advertising and linking.