Heavy Duty Dog Collars Buyers Guide

Heavy duty dog collars ? There are different types of dog collars available in the market. It is always necessary for you to choose the best collars if you will like your dog to stay comfortable. Some of the factors you should take into consideration when buying the collars include the size and the comfortable feel on the neck of the dogs.

You can compare different collars in the market for you to make the right decision. Apart from comparing different collars, you should as well take into consideration the materials used to make the collars. Materials such as nylon will tend to offer comfortable grip on your dog as opposed to metal chains which can be too hard. But, if your dog is stubborn, then you need a strong collar.

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Heavy Duty Dog Collars That Your Pet Will Love

Sizes of the dog collar

There is a difference between the dog collar width and size. If the size is big, you go can just pull out of it. It is necessary to measure the size of your dog’s head so that you can decide on the right size.


When measuring the width of your dog’s neck, you should measure the length of the neck from the tracheal area to the base of the neck.

But, for you to get the right size of your dog collar, you should measure the size of the head.

There are some collars which can be adjusted you can go for such collars if you are looking for a way you can buy the right size of a dog collar.

Large dogs can use stainless steel when dog training but make sure it is high quality. Because different dog breeds uses these types from dog ranging in collars for large pets to small ones.

Training Collars For Large Dogs

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Martingales and Chain Collars

They are also referred to as choke collars. If you are looking for a dog collar which you can use for training purposes, then you should opt for the collars. If you are not using the choke collars well on your dog, they can lead to injury. Many people prefer martingale collars for training purposes because they are made to offer your dog great comfort as you train it. They are half nylon and half chain hence they offer some allowances if your dog pulls out to prevent injury. Safety collars are ideal for walking your dog.

Good Dog Training Collar An Educative View

Though dog collars are an absolute necessity, they can also be a fashionable extravagance. Dog collars make the dog stand out in the crowd. A unique dog collar can draw attention to the dog and the owner.

Today, there are many different kinds of dog collars available. They range from simple and practical leather collars to fancy, personalized collars for that unique look. There are many companies that are designing unique collars for all kinds of dogs.

These include nylon collars, cotton collars, metallic collars, leather collars, handmade collars, woven collars, foam collars, gold, silver or platinum collars, beaded collars, stone-studded collars and so on. Based on the purpose, dog collars can be categorized as adjustable collars, washable collars, training collars, no-bark collars, reflective collars, electric collars, waterproof collars, talking collars, and others.

Dog Collar Sizes: Why Are They Important ?

Some common designs include plaid, polka dots, python prints, crocodile prints, animal prints, tuxedo style, denim, bandana, mink, bone, bow collar, slide collars, metallic collection, beaded, velvet, and those with unique designs such as MLB, NLF, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Eagles and so on.

The Function of a Dog Collar

Nicest dog collars despite general belief are not only used for visual purposes but have a very significant functionality–that of being able to identify your dog. In today’s culture dogs have become a significant part of our families, and making sure that your dog has a collar is important because it lets others now that your dog belongs to you, and if lost others know to where he should return.

Functionality of the dog collars

Dog collars can be made out of diverse materials these days before people used ropes and chains. Today chains are still used as well as leather, synthetic materials, and nylon. But the most important part of that collar is the little tag that hangs at the front of the neck. This tag will most likely have pertinent information about the family(owners) of the dog, like the address, the dog’s name, and a contact number. If your dog can be identified because it has a collar and a tag, then your dog collar is serving its primary purpose. You can also connect a leash to the collar to keep the dog close to you or to teach it to be obedient. Nicest dog collars are very important for these latter reasons.

Picking the right dog collar

Picking the right dog collar is fundamental to keeping a content and safe dog. If a collar is too tight, your pet may not be able to breathe comfortably. The solution is to find the right size for your dog. The way to do this is to gauge with 2 fingers the distance between the collar and your dog’s neck; this will be a comfortable size for your dog, or you can measure your dog’s neck and add three inches. Once you have found the right fit, finding the right style of collar whether it’s a training dog collar or a basic one will be a matter of what your dog needs.

Good fitting and strong dog collars are important to keep your dog safe. It is also a way to identify your pet and assure that he can be returned if loss. A happy dog means happy owners, and this is why nicest dog collars are essential as well as functional.


The fastener (metal buckle or plastic snap) needs to be strong enough to handle the dog’s maximum force. When in doubt, go with a metal buckle

It should not be too loose or too tight. If you can slip two average size adult fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck, it should be about right

It should be a comfortable weight for your dog

A good dog collar ought to be flexible, not too stiff

Attaching and detaching a leash should be quick and easy

Besides regular collars, there are several types of training collars. Before you acquire one of these collars, do some research. Some of these collars will be a good dog collar for your dog; others won’t believe in other words, one type does not fit all.


A choke chain or slip collar, which consists of a chain that slips through a ring and pulls tight very quickly when the dog pulls on it. As soon as the dog stops pulling, the chain loosens up. This type of training device can result in harm to the dog’s trachea.

A martingale dog collar is considered a gentler option to the choke chain. It is usually made out of webbing or leather and a piece of chain. The martingale consists of an extra loop on top of the collar that can be pulled on to control the dog or prevent a dog with a head smaller than its neck (e.g., greyhounds) to back out of the collar.

A pinch or prong collar, which looks cruel but is gentler than the choke chain since, as with the martingale, the force is distributed evenly around the neck. The blunt spikes pinch the dog’s skin but do not harm the trachea.

A head collar. This can be very successful for controlling a forceful dog, especially if you are not a strong person. However, this type of collar can injure dogs with a thin neck.

All training collars need to be used correctly to work well and to avoid injuring your dog. They may need to be removed when you are not training or walking your dog.


What materials it’s made of – nylon webbing is a popular choice, as is leather. As long as the collar meets the strength and comfort requirements, the types of materials used is not hugely important

Whether it’s store-bought or homemade. You do not have to buy a collar; with a little know-how and the proper hardware, you can make your dog collar. For some ideas, follow the links below the article.

How it looks – again, the important thing is how well it works for walking your dog. Looks are secondary (unless you spend a large amount of time fretting about the appearance of the collar!)

Ultimately, you as the dog owner must decide what will make a good dog collar for your dog.