Emotional Support Animal Cat : 5 Facts To Know

Emotional support animal cat ? Dogs are known to be the perfect service animals for persons with special needs. That, however, does not mean that cats cannot be useful to persons suffering from emotional or mental issues. Indeed, any type of animal is good enough to be considered an emotional support animal (ESA). 

Emotional Support Cat : 4 Processes To Get One

So, what is an ESA?

If you have not heard the term ‘Emotional Support Animal’ before, it simply refers to an animal that offers comfort to a person. A cat, as an emotional support animal, is more than just a pet. It’s seen as an animal that makes it possible for someone with a mental or emotional issue to live a normal life.

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Even though ESAs do not qualify to be service animals, they are recognized by the Air Carrier Access Act and the Fair Housing Act as well. However, for your pet to qualify as an ESA, you must have proper documentation which states why you need an emotional support animal.

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Do you qualify for an ESA?

People that suffer from depression, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks and other issues that are related to mental health can easily qualify for an ESA.

To officially qualify for an emotional support animal, however, you have to visit a licensed mental health officer who should issue you a letter stating why you need an ESA. You can get such a letter from your therapist. If you don’t have one, you can visit any other therapist, as long as they are licensed.

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ESA requirements

Getting a cat to be an ESA is not a difficult thing if you suffer from panic attacks, depression, anxiety, or any form of mental illness. Here is what you should ensure, however, for your cat to qualify as an emotional support animal:

• Get a cat if you don’t have one
• Make certain that the cat gives you emotional support
• Visit a licensed therapist to get your ESA letter
• Notify your airline and/or landlord, and present the letter.

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Tips for choosing the cat to be your ESA

Pet parenting is good for mental health. Even though cats are not exactly the best choice for pet parenting as they are not human-friendly as pooches, they can be perfect ESAs. If you prefer to have a cat as your ESA, here are some tips to help you through choosing the perfect emotional support feline.

1. Get the right breed

If a mental health expert has recommended that you get an emotional support animal, you want to ensure that you choose the right cat breed. This is in consideration that there are some breeds of cats that tend to be more people-oriented compared to others. Such breeds include the Tonkinese, Scottish Fold, Ragdoll, and others.

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2. Avoid feral cats

Even though it feels good to rescue an animal from the street, it’s recommended that you avoid feral cats if what you want is an ESA. This is in consideration that most feral cats are nervous, wild, and afraid of humans. Even though it’s possible to tame a feral cat, you would require a lot of time and patience to do so. When looking to have an ESA, be sure to avoid feral strays at all costs.

3. Get an indoors cat

Felines that spend most of their time indoors are considered to be more people-oriented. That’s in consideration that they don’t experience ‘the call of the wild’. Besides, you don’t want your ESA to go missing, get injured, or even pick up parasites while outdoors.

4. Age matters

One of the factors that matters a lot yet most people don’t think much about it when choosing an ESA is the age of the cat. Kittens are easier to bond with compared to cats that are older. Be sure, however, to get the kitten from a reputable dealer. Keep in mind that older cats are also sociable and loving, but you will have to research a little bit more to get the best.

5. Get a spayed or neutered feline friend

Cats that are unaltered are known to have some issues such as anger in males and escaping in females when they go into heat. Such issues can cause worries that are not good for your emotional and mental health.

In summary,

If you have an emotional or mental issue that can be managed better by getting an emotional support animal, the information in this article should be of great value. You should be okay getting a cat as an ESA. Just be sure to do your research well to avoid frustrations.

Register your cat as pets housing esa doctors so that you can qualify for an emotional support cat. Cat registration will need to be done, in addition they may can help with anxiety depression, but they need to be specifically trained for mental disability and emotional disability. It could be known as a service cat.