High Calorie Dog Food: 3 Ways To Pick The Best

High calorie dog food ? Dogs are very much like humans, they are more prone to become overweight than underweight.

A dog could become underweight for a range of reasons including recovering from injury or illness, recent adoption from being stray, depression, or simply being a choosy eater.

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In such situations, you will need to feed your dog with high calorie food. How do you tell a dog is underweight and requires specialized diet?

The first and obvious evidence is bone prominence –the dog’s pelvic bones, spine, and ribs become visible due to lack of fat. Episodes of low energy and a dull coat could be indicators that your dog is underweight and needs increase in nourishment.

A dog’s weight loss could be due to poor nutrition. A high quality dry dog food can produce a healthy weight. Bully max I believe has small meals that can provide the nutrition your dog needs. If you dog is a picky eater that could result in health issues, however serving size and making sure it is grain free is very important.

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High Calorie Dog Food: Nutrition In Motion

Once you’ve confirmed, through the veterinarian’s advice, that your dog’s underweight condition is not as a result of a medical issue, you can embark on buying high calorie dog food.

Not just any high-calorie dog food is good for your dog. You don’t want the high-calorie formula to cause harm to the dog in the long run after adding few pounds.

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To help your dog gain weight in within a correct duration and in the healthiest way possible, consider the following:

1. Proteins are key –Proteins are key to developing and maintaining muscles. Your pooch has probably become underweight because he has been consuming food deficient in proteins. To help him add weight, ensure his food consists of at least 32% proteins. However, not just any source of protein is great for your dog. Prioritize on proteins sourced from natural animal meat.

One thing to celebrate about is the fact that most high-calorie foods for dogs on the market are packed with just the correct amount of omega fatty acids, fats, proteins, and an array of other essential nutrients. Hence, your pooch would gain weight by feeding on one pack of high-calorie food without requiring sourcing other essential nutrients from other foods.

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2. Keep off junk food – It’s not only humans who should avoid junk food, dogs too. The problem with junk foods is their empty calories that add no nutritional value to the consumer. While some fat could be essential for your pup’s health, too much fat is undesirable. The objective is not to increase the dog’s fat cells but rather, his muscle mass.Be specific and select food that is rich in proteins, moderate fat, and low amount of carbohydrates.

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3. Go slow on it – Do not make a mistake of switching to a high-calorie regime abruptly; your dog didn’t lose weight overnight. Try transitioning from the old regime to the new in phases. Begin by adding small quantities of the new meal to the old one and increase exponentially in following weeks until the initial meal is completely replaced. That’s to prevent the dog from experiencing stomach issues.

Best High Calorie Foods for Dogs

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1. Purina Pro-Plan SPORTS Performance 30/20Formula
• This high-calorie formula is made for dogs of all ages

• The nutrition is concentrated to help your dog optimize oxygen metabolism and increase endurance

• As you would expect from any high-calorie formula, Purina Pro-Plan SPORTS Performance 30/20 Formula consists of 20% fat and 30% protein

• A volley of amino acids contained therein helps in building muscles, especially during that crucial moment shortly after a rigorous exercise in the fields

• It contains plenty of EPA, a type of omega-3 fatty acids and glucosamine which are essential in ensuring healthy joint health and flawless mobility needed for exercising

• The primary ingredients are brewer’s rice, corn gluten meal, chicken, fish oil, dried egg product, fish meal, and corn germ meal.

• The calculated calorie content is 1928 kcal/lb; ME 4250 kcal/lb; 475 kcal/cup

• Apparently, AAFCO does not consider this meal to be an essential nutrient

2. Adirondacks 30% High Calorie and High-Fat Recipe for Performance Dogs

• This meal is formulated for performance dogs and puppies that are deficient of proteins and need to add some few pounds

• It is a premium meal with all-natural ingredients

• It is devoid of soy products, wheat, and artificial colorings and flavors

• Crude fat and protein constitute 20% and 30% respectively, making it an excellent meal for high performance dogs and puppies with weight issues

• To complete its nutrition signature that makes it useful for underweight canines, a balanced combo of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids is added

• The primary ingredients include brown rice, chicken meal, whole flaxseed, egg product, chicken meal with plenty of chicken fat (with tocopherols as preservatives) ground sorghum, and beet pulp

• Calculated calorie content is; 534.8 kcal/cup; ME 3.929 kcal/kg

3. Tuffy’sNutrisource Dry Food for Performance Dogs


• This meal is made for dogs that are reviving from a disease, pregnant, or simply overworking and would require muscle gain

• It is composed of chicken and a blend of rice among other ingredients considered to be sources of huge amount of calories

• Presence of chicken gives it an enticing flavor that will give your dog an escalated appetite

• Secondary ingredients include turkey, flaxseed, chicken fat, oatmeal, and fish meal

• It consists of 30% protein and 20% fats

• Calculated calorie content is: 488 kcal/cup; ME 4,192 kcal/kg

4. BLUE life Protection Food for Adult Dogs


• This meal is targeted for large breed adult dogs

• It contains LifeSource Bits, Blue Buffalo’s propriety regiment of whole grains and garden vegetables

• It is devoid of preservatives, artificial colorings and flavors

• The listed ingredients are devoid of wheat, corn, soy, or poultry

• It contains chicken fat, brown rice, deboned lamb, flaxseed, tomato pomace, potatoes, turkey meal, and calcium carbonate

• Protein content is kept at 22% while that of fat is 14%

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High calorie foods work best when combined with other measures. While your dog is on such foods, help him speed up the weight gaining process by subjecting him to exercises.

Sustained exercises aren’t really counterproductive as widely thought. While an exercise can burn the calories needed by the dog to gain weight, it helps your dog build more muscles which contributes bulk to the body.

Better yet, increased activity gives your dog the appetite to eat more. However, it’s recommended that you gradually increase the exercise over a given period the same way you would slowly transition the diet to a calorie-rich meal.

Decisions on how to feed your dog on the high-calorie meal and exercise regimes should be formulated in consideration with the advice from your dog’s veterinarian.