High Fiber Cat Food: 7 Things That Can Help Your Pet

High fiber cat food ? Cats are obligate carnivores, and they must feed on meat protein for them to survive. However, they also need some fiber in their diet for their general health.

The fiber in cat works, in the same manner, it does in human beings. Basically, fiber has the following functions in the body of a cat;

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– It cleans the digestion system as it moves through the digestion system. This is possible because fiber is not easily digestible and cannot be digested completely.

– Fiber adds bulk in the intestines of a cat hence making it fill full, thus fewer calories intakes and as a result minimizing the likelihood of overweight in a cat.

– High fiber cat food is important as it helps controls constipation, among other digestion malfunctions.

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high fiber cat food


– due to the fact that fiber makes the cat feel full after feeding, it helps in controlling the amount of sugar that may get in the bloodstream hence minimizing the chances of diabetes.

When looking for fiber food for your cat, the first factor to consider is the fermentability rate. It is the rate of the fermentation that will dictate the time fiber will take to be broken down once it is eaten.

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Although you will never see the fermentability rate indicated on the food packet, you should follow the following guide to know the right fiber food for your cat.

– Fast fermentable fibers: this is a fiber that will increase the rate of digestion and hence, right for cat with constipation. They include oatmeal, lentils, and phylum.

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– Slowly fermentable fibers: these are fibers that are digested slowly and are important in bulking up the stool and hence right for cat with diarrhea. They include whole grains, brown rice, legumes, and vegetables.

-Moderate fermentable fibers: the moderate fermentable fiber has the advantage of both slow and rapidly fermentable fibers and hence, right for all time fiber food for cat.

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Although cats are carnivores and will never enjoy feeding on anything else other than meat, you should ensure your cat also feeds on food with high fiber.

There are many foods reviewed for fiber content and for weight loss for an adult cat.

A healthy weight requires sources of fiber, and as a consumer you have to look at the ingredient list, a high fiber diet can be found in pet foods with also a high protein source, a cat’s diet especially an indoor cat needs any type of fiber that help their digestive system, wet cat food should hopefully be grain free and dry foods should adhere to hill’s science diet.