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Home again microchip lookup ? 

Defining the home again microchip lookup

To begin this article we need to get the clear understanding of what a microchip is, well basically a microchip is a permanent method of electronic identification. The chip from the word itself “micro” is very small almost the size of a grain that is implanted just under the skin of your pet’s neck. Each chip is detected with a chip scanner since they all contain unique ID numbers. Home Again is a company that creates the microchips for the pets.

Home Again Pet Lookup ?

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About the Home Again Microchip Lookup

This microchip contains the following:
• It is about the size of a grain that is about 12mm
• It is a 134KHz microchip
• The ISO found in it is 11785/85 compliant
• It also contains a 15 digit unit ID number

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Home Again Microchip Number

Microchip implantation process

The microchipping is a simple procedure to be done on the pet. Here are the steps that are followed when microchipping:

• The pet owner need to acquire the Home Again Microchip
• The pet is then taken to the Vet
• The vet simply injects the microchip on the pet
• The pets skin is basically desensitized by a simple pinch that pulls the skin upwards until taut
• The vet inserts the needle
• A final pinch ensure the Home Again microchip in place while the needle is withdrawn

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Home Again Microchip Search

Luckily for this process the use anesthesia is not required since the pet won’t suffer from a routine shot. It even takes seconds for the routine to work.

home again microchip lookup


The pet recovery process

As it is well know 1 out of 3 pets gets lost every other day. Luckily for most people they have implemented the Home Again Microchip on their pets so they can quickly look up and find their pets the steps are as follow:

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Home Again Dog Chip Id

• Immediately when the pet gets missing you immediately notify Home Again by either their website or call their hotline 1-888-HOMEAGAIN

• When they receive the notification of a lost pet, Home Again sends a rapid lost pet alert within a 25 mile radius of where the micro chipped pet was lost. The lost alert goes out to animal shelters, pet rescuers, vet clinics

• The pet is scanned for a microchip where the chips ID number is instantly read

• The fourth step is notification to the owner. Home again finds your microchip ID number in their national pet recovery database and retrieves your contact information.

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Home Again Pet Chip

• Lastly, the owner and pet are united.

It is important to keep in mind that without the ID on your pet, there is a 90% chance that the reunion of pet and owner do not happen. The home Again specialists are on call 24/7

Benefits of Home Again microchip Lookup

• It is designed to last the life of the pet

• It does not require maintenance for the microchip

• When the pet is found it is taken to a shelter and then scanned for a microchip, where the microchip registry is quickly acquired hence location for the animal owner

• Implanting the microchip on the pet, does not cause any harm to the animal, it is more a like similar to vaccination

• Microchips can neither be removed nor fall off like the traditional collar or tag that were being kept on the animal.

• Home Again also offers one year membership benefits free, renewable yearly

Pros of home Again Microchip Lookup

• Implanting the chip on the pet is quickly done

• They last a life time once implanted on the animal

• The chip not only relays the address of where the animal should be returned but also contains medical history and details of medication which the animal may be currently taking

• The application of the microchip will not cause the animal much discomfort at all

• The pet will not be able to lose its ID

Cons of Home Again microchip lookup

• If the pet is found by a person who does not know what to do with the microchip on it, then the whole process of micro chipping becomes ineffective

• The microchips have a chance of skinning under the shoulder blades.

• Most owners after relocation tend to forget the basic idea of updating the information on the microchip.

A pet microchip lookup tool has a microchip number and it helps lost pet specialist and also with lost pet poster to be able to locate their dog.

Animal health a subsidiary and merck animal health function with business as merck animal, along with intervet inc doing business with homeagain national pet and peanuts worldwide llc can provide membership check your status and is also a subsidiary of merck.

The american animal hospital will have owner information and provide pet recovery services. These are the participating companies.