Homemade Dog Food Instant Pot ? What Is That About ?

Homemade dog food instant pot ? A high grain-free diet is the best option for your favorite dog as it can easily be digested, and the necessary diet catered to its needs.

What you should be observing is that its diet has the right proportion of protein, fiber, and fats, which is a perfect combination. This can be attained by being mindful of the recipe content before preparing food for it.

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It is a bright idea for you to make food for your dog using available products in your home. There are health gains to the amount of money it will save as it only requires little of your commitment and time.

When you are changing from commercial foods to homemade foods for your dog, it’s is very important to ensure that your dog gets the necessary nutrients.

Therefore you need to consult your vet before starting entirely homemade. The recipes in place should comprise healthy gains, nutritious, and safe for your dog, but mostly they are not a complete diet for the dog.

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The mixture of ingredients gives plenty of vitamins, proteins, and fiber but doesn’t provide a complete profile of nutrients. More so, the recipes are intended as delicious and wholesome supplements rather than being complete replacement of meals for the dog.

For example, if you want to prepare chicken and sweet potato dog food, you may start by throwing everything necessary in the instant pot and viola that is frozen chicken breasts, rice, and veggies. You may include grounded eggshells for calcium nutrients. Rice acts as a source of fiber as chicken breasts and veggies like spinach, peas, and carrot add proteins and vitamins.

homemade dog food instant pot

Choosing Ingredients

You have to be careful when choosing ingredients for your homemade dog food because dogs need to take a lot of food rich in protein and as well as healthy carbohydrates; fats and soluble vitamins are needed.

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Grain-free diets mostly are used for losing weight, and homemade recipe includes sweet potatoes or butternut squash and ground turkey plus green beans, blueberries and beef liver being mixed in.

If you want your dog to be on a grain-free diet because of weight or food allergies, you may use diced sweet potatoes or pumpkin or butternut squash as they are much loved by dogs.

Just like human beings, fruits and veggies are necessary in the dog’s diet. It is not good for your dog to be choking down big salads daily, as it is important for it to take a few chosen veggies.

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Chosen veggies for dogs enable fiber products for healthy poops and soluble fat vitamins. You may combine broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, zucchini, cabbage mix these veggies up either fresh or frozen and include in the dog’s food.

Fruits, on the other hand, contain vitamins, valuable fiber, and antioxidants that are of benefit to a dog’s health. As well, watermelon, strawberries, mangoes, and pineapples are great sources of vitamins.
Dogs as well need healthy fat and fat-soluble vitamins.

Fruits and veggies that you have included in your homemade food recipe are sources of fat-soluble vitamins. However, these vitamins to be absorbed require the presence of fats.

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Vets recommend that you may add coconut oil to dogs’ food as it is beneficial just as it is in humans. Coconut oil contains saturated fats that are vital to boost energy levels for your dog, and as well it helps to keep the metabolism going strong.

Coconut oil has the capacity to maintain a shiny and healthy dog’s coat, and it is important that you consider adding it to the homemade food. Moreover, antifungal or antibacterial quality provided by coconut oil is important for keeping dogs healthy, active, and strong.

There are some foods that you may include in the dogs’ diet that contains a lot of fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin B, and iron. Mostly these foods are chicken liver and beef, and you may add a few tablespoons of ground flax seeds for the provision of extra omega-three elements.

You should keep watch not to add the following foods to your homemade dog food. These include; raisins, grapes, avocado, cherries, anything that contains chocolate and cocoa, leeks and onions, macadamia nuts, brewer’s yeast, raw bread dough, and anything with xylitol.

Homemade dog food instant pot

Switching to homemade dog food is economical, and it is very easy in the instant pot as you can follow the following recipe, and you will definitely attain the expected outcome.

You may just need like 3 cups of white basmati rice and water, three tablespoons of raw vinegar made from apple product, and grounded beef, turkey, chicken or bison, one lb. Quantity of pastured beef liver or you can use chicken liver, about 35 ounces of various fresh veggies especially frozen, a banana and blueberries, six tablespoons of coconut oil plus ground flax seeds of the same quantity.

The procedure involves soaking the rice for several hours before you begin preparing dog food, while it is soaking, make sure that you have added the measured quantity of vinegar of apple cider. Measure the remaining amount of water that you got after soaking and set aside.

With the instant pot in place, press the sauté button and add meat and liver if you are having and break it up then cook the content until they are almost turning brown.

Do not overcook it to turn completely brown because you still need to cook them later with veggies and rice in the instant pot as to avoid burning of meat.

Then stir the meat and rice when in the cooking water, ensure that the veggies that are on top have not mixed with the whole contents. Then after stirring, place the lid on the instant pot and ensure that the vent is sealed completely.

You can then set the manual mode and make adjustments after about twelve minutes. When the instant pot has beeped, then you can turn the vent by being careful not to burn yourself as a result of excess pressure released from inside the pot.

You may place the towel over the released steam to protect other available materials in your kitchen against sputtering steam.
After all steam in the pot has been released, you can then open the instant pot, and the coconut oil and fruits, if any, should be included.

Then later stir all the content in the pot to mix them all together. After this, you can store the prepared food in your refrigerator for up to about two weeks if it is frozen can go up to 3 weeks.


Deciding to produce dog food at home is one way that anyone can do as it helps to reduce the waste of food. For example, stokes that you are getting after cutting the cauliflowers and the broccoli can be cut up and add to the homemade dog food in the instant pot.

Preparing homemade dog food is helpful by ensuring that you will be saving much on dog food, unlike when you prefer buying every product that your dog consumes and also it more nutritious in a way that the nutrients content the homemade foods are exposed to heat for a very short period of time.

It high time that your dog should be getting homemade foods for it to experience better digestion, especially if you have been using commercial foods to feed it. When making a switch in its diet in the first place, you should begin by mixing one part of homemade foods with four parts of commercial foods for a period of about two weeks.

Then you can later gradually change the ratios while decreasing the amount of commercial foods. With time your favorite pet will come to accept homemade food with time by doing so, and as well the rate of cleaning up messes will reduce as a result of it taking proper food that cannot cause any stomach upsets.

A sweet potato or chicken breast in bone broth under slow cooker will be good for dog owners and also having homemade dog food with ground beef and cottage cheese with ground turkey will also be a good dog food recipes as well. Coconut oil and butternut squash and brown rice are great for dogs who has a nutritious meals under a pressure cooker. The instant pot dog food and frozen peas home cooking has great health benefits as well.