How Long Can A Cat Go Without Water ?

You have probably heard that the human body consists of 60% water. Well, for cats, their bodies contain over 67% water. The same way that we can’t go for long without water, neither can cats. This is why you need to feed your cat water as regularly as possible to ensure their body organs perform optimally.

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Before we get into the specifics, you should know that a cat can go without water for three to seven days. This range is caused by different factors. Below is a more detailed explanation on and the variables that matter?

Factors that Affect 

1. Age

Older cats dehydrate faster than younger ones. A kitten has a small body and would most likely go for longer without water than an adult one.

How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water ?

how long can a cat go without water

2. Level of Activity

How active is your cat? The more jumpy and playful a cat is, the sooner they will need to consume water. Because by being active, the cat will sweat and will dehydrate faster.

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3. Diet

The kind of diet that a cat feeds on also plays an essential factor. Cats that rely on a dry diet will need to consumer more water because the food lacks it. However, wet canned food contains 80% water and that’s enough to keep your cat going longer without water.

4. The Dwelling Place of The Cat

Indoor cats are more likely to go longer without water because they live in a controlled environment. Outdoor cats have to hunt for prey as well as water which can be pretty difficult. Not to mention, the fact that they live outside forces them to drink more water.

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5. The Weather

Felines share a lot of characteristics with humans. During summer, we take lots of water due to dehydration. The weather also affects during summer it can be hard for them to go longer compared to winter.

6. Genetics and Breeds

Cats fall under different breeds and have varying genes. There are wild cat breeds and their domestic counterparts. The latter can easily get water on kitchen tops or their owners feed it to them regularly. Wild cats have to look for water in the worst of environments. As a result, their genes allow them to go for longer without water.

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7. Frequency of Releasing Body Fluid

The more frequent a dog urinates or defecates, the more fluid they are releasing out of their bodies. Although being part of a healthy cat, doing this frequently releases more fluids and this contributes to act not going for longer without water.

As mentioned earlier, a felien can go for three to seven days without water. After the third day, signs of dehydration will kick in and you can observe signs such as constipation, dry gums, lethargy and panting. Also shouldn’t go for long without water.

 They can survive when they drink water in the water bowl and survive without food, only survive in the body when they drink plenty of water.

Drinking from a water fountain should have access to water if not this can possibly cause liver failure. Water intake should depend on the amount of water your they can drink. Dry food and water, food or water should be included in their food or wet food from tap water will help a long a way.